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  1. Unfortunately I was never ever able to track down the conflict. I was on KSP 1.10 at the time, but when I did a fresh install to KSP 1.11, the problem went away. I also using it on a GEP install without any problems. I am basically using the same set of mods from KSP 1.10 and 1.11...
  2. Thanks for the response, I definitely think it is a bug right now. I tried multiple ways and expanded to list all the resources on the target vessel, no matter what I try, the amount of resources comes back as 0. At this point, I need to redesign the contracts to avoid calculating the amount of resource quantity and capacity onboard.
  3. Thanks for the tip, I did review the CE Pack but I also noticed that there is an old Issue in the github tracker for Contract Configurator which indicates a problem with the getresource retrieval.
  4. I am working on a contract file that looks at a vessel resources and determines how much to add depending on available space. When testing the contract, the current resource capacity and quantity is 0 for the target vessel. Has anyone used these in contract and able to retrieve the resource values?
  5. After reading your post, I was able to turn-on VERBOSE logging and discovered that the contract was not being offered due to a failed uniqueness check. I since updated the uniqueness check and it is now working.... Thanks for the information about checking the data nodes....
  6. Is there a way to further troubleshoot which contracts are offered? I have a contract which shows all the requirements met in mission control but it isn't being offered. I removed any limits to the number of contracts and warp ahead in time without the contract being offered. Thanks for any help.
  7. @Zelda I was trying to figure out the same thing and asked the same question recently. I tried several ways to get my cascading contracts to work and identify the right contract name using the DATA_EXPAND but failed. I did open a ticket on the github either requesting the feature to be added or see if there is something I missed...
  8. Quick Question: Does anyone know if an error is generated when using an iterator within the parameter node when the iterator list is empty? For example, if the iterator is written: ITERATOR { type = CelestialBody targetMoon = @/targetBody.Children() } If the targetBody does not have any moons, will the parameter node be skipped or will this cause an error in loading the contract?
  9. Thanks for the feedback, I did try that hardcoding the name works so I believe it is something to do with using a variable in the contractType field. I was hoping to use the DATA_EXPAND field so that the contract files could be used for any planet pack...might need to rethink the approach....
  10. Appreciate the help....I have parsed through the ksp.log file and found the following error related to the contract in question:
  11. No, unfortunately the log file does not get created when I insert the complete Contract requirement...when I remove it, it generates and loads properly....
  12. Thanks for the response, the homeMoons is actually a list which is defined elsewhere in the main contract group. The contract works until I try to set a requirement complete complete that references another contract that uses DATA_EXPAND... I define the contract variable using the following data structure which works and the verifyContract variable is assigned the correct contract name which I want to verify complete: DATA { type = string verify1 = MoonRelay verifyContract = @verify1 + @/targetBody requiredVa
  13. Is there a way to use contract names that have been generated through the DATA_EXPAND in complete contract requirements? I have a contract with the following DATA_EXPAND where homeMoons are moons around the home world: DATA_EXPAND { type = CelestialBody targetBody1 = @KSP_Contracts:homeMoons } I want to use the requirement complete requirement in other contracts to ensure they are complete first but I can't get the requirement to work unless I hardcode the name. I don't want to hardcode the name since I want the contract pack to work w
  14. I'm hoping to get some help.... Is there a way to determine in a list, what index a particular value is located? For example, I have the following list and I want to return the element number of Kerbin within the list? allPlanets = [ Moho (CelestialBody), Eve (CelestialBody), Kerbin (CelestialBody), Duna (CelestialBody), Edna (CelestialBody), Dres (CelestialBody), Jool (CelestialBody), Lindor (CelestialBody), Hamek (CelestialBody), Eeloo (CelestialBody), Nara (CelestialBody) ]
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