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  1. Thanks for all the help Green Baron, I"ve forgotten all that DOS stuff i learned back in the 80's. Terminal seams to be structured the same. After i got into the correct file on my desk top i executed it. the addons where in my start up page when i opened the program. thanks again to all that responded, Game on.... Ray Gott
  2. I"m in need of some help installing making history add-on. I"m running Linux mint on a Quad core Asus motherboard I built. the basic program runs great, so i decided to buy the Making history Add-on. I"ve unzipped the files to a folder on my desktop. But the instructions tell me to run a script called dlc-mhe-[lang]. command. I"ve got no clue how to run this in the Command terminal. after i open the terminal I get this:( ray@ray-quadcore:~$ ) can anyone with some linux experience help me out? Thanks for any help Ray Gott