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  1. Of course you could, but also being creative is fun. Like building a machine that shoots off Kerbals at 100000m/s It’s just a fun little thing to see how extreme people can do things. Didn’t know if it was a good idea or not
  2. This is the Kerbin SOI escape challenge, the only goal being to escape Kerbin's SOI as fast as possible. This can be done any way you wish as long as you don't use any mods (other than visual and readout ones.) In this challenge you may use any cheat you wish except the 'set orbit / altitude' and 'infinite propellant' cheats. You may use any other cheat you wish. To calculate your time add the current flight time to the time to your Kerbin escape. This will be how the challenge is scored. There are 2 categories, conventional engines and other. Happy launching! Leaderboard (Conventional engines) #1: #2: #3: #4: #5: Leaderboard (Other) #1: #2: #3: #4: #5:
  3. And I'm pretty sure it's on sale until monday so if you're gonna get it now is the time!
  4. I would recommend not using pitch yaw and roll on blades for now. The reason it could be rotating out of control is because you only have the authority limiters set on one side. if you have a two prop on booms like an Osprey. If you are controlling the authority with the slider I highly recommend binding it to and action group, I'll go more in depth about it later when I have the time.
  5. @KhonranFirst, make sure your center of mass if directly under the rotor setup and that it is not really low or high, this will cause instability. If possible I recommend you try using contra-rotating props to eliminate extra torque. Also be sure you have bound the translate to authority limiter on the blades and use a play position with translate up and down with a Kal-1000 (If you want conventional engines and rotors, or you just like it like that). If you're still learning how to make copters I recommend starting with a fair amount of reaction wheels. But the best thing to do if you want great stability is having multiple rotors spaced out, like this drone for example. Best of luck, if you have anymore questions feel free to ask!
  6. Wrapped up testing on Gichi-Nenookaasi Mk II. 82 ton takeoff weight, 45 ton payload at minimum recommended fuel. Parked on top of the VAB with a 42 ton payload. The max of Gichi-Nenookaasi Mk I payload being 36 tons with minimum recommended fuel.
  7. Although not as massive as @cantab's pillar of rocket fuel (how many parts?) I have finally completed testing on my new super-lifter the Gichi-Nenookaasi Mk I It's a 6 prop lifter that can haul a 30 ton payload with a 5 1/2 minute flight time or an almost 17 minute flight with a payload of 20 tons (Though I imagine if you went with a 10 ton payload or less you could get up to half an hour.)
  8. I don't think so because I've build 4 different copters in the last couple days. All of them operate on authority limiters alone and they fly like a dream.
  9. Working on my prop vtol designs today, got pretty far. This is the Gipagaa Mk I, an probe controlled crew transport with capacity for 18 Kerbals. Next up is the Banajaanh Mk I, a nimble craft, warranty void if flown responsibly. And finally the Gipagaa Mk II, the cargo version of the earlier mentioned Gipagaa Mk I. It can haul up to 10 tons and remain controllable.
  10. Today I had a wonderful time building copters. Final creation for the day, the Omashkooz Mk II. Hopefully I have time to make a more revised version tomorrow. Ignore the hinges they are just for show and don't actually turn.
  11. I have 16gb of ram and a 5 2600x that has never gone over 55C when playing KSP. I haven't heard the noise since the patch this morning so I'm thinking it was just a weird glitch. Thanks for replying
  12. Whenever I am taking off in a vehicle (I used the Mallard to test this) there is a 'blip', a slight stutter in video. This 'blip' can be very annoying and I want to know if it is a bug due to a recent update or if it is something on my end as I just got KSP on my new PC and haven't played in almost a year. The 'blip' is just a quick "Tch" noise and it seems to almost disappear when I start to pull up and away from the runway. The video stutter that was occurring along side this 'blip' was fixed by turning off V-sync. There is also stutters here and there when moving my cursor around in the hanger. The game also seems to freeze randomly every couple minutes for about half a second. I don't think it's a matter of my PC not being good enough because it is rather beefy. Answers are greatly appreciated, thanks in advanced.
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