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  1. Thanks BDB for this supreme addition to KSP! After all these years I now took the time to advance my carreer to the point, where I was able to launch Skylab on a friggin Saturn INT-21! Had to autostrut it (this beast wobbled like woodruff jelly) but it feels awesome to recreate history with KSP. That is something that always fascinated me and I tried hard with "Orbiter" Simuator to get near this but it was a more frustrating than immersive experience, so I searched for an alternative and voila, some day there was KSP (the early days of Version 0.2.X). Now after some time I'm back and in m
  2. Reading what is in the changelog, I think the recommended procedure for updating a non-CKAN installation to version 0.0.2 would be to remove the old "Kunedo" folder from "GameData" before installing the updated one. Do you agree? Best regards The Franconian
  3. Any chances that your rocket ist structurally unstable, or that the mechjeb part that controls the rocket is off angle with the engine parts of the rocket? This happens to me only, when i haven't fortified the connections between parts enough and the controling part is not instantly following the rest of the rocket, when the course changes. The rocket starts to oscilate in itself and the wobbling mechjeb is unable to keep the contraption on a straight course. This also happens, when the mechjeb part is not facing the right direction.
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