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  1. Hi, I have seen this suggestion to delete "common data" as a solution to PS4 issues. How is this done exactly? I can't seem to find where I can delete it. I see it as an option to upload or download to/from storage, but to outright delete it. Specifically, I am trying to fix a crash with error CE-34878-0 whenever I try to reload a certain saved game. It has happened before but I downloaded a saved copy that I had uploaded a week before. Now it's happened again and I assume something more fundamental is wrong. Is this the result of a corrupted save? Is that what CE-34878-0 means? Also, a general question on "common data" - if it's not deleted will it ruin my other saved KSP games? I seem to be able to load other saved games and start new ones. Is deleting it a routine maintenance practice I just be doing often? Is there downside to deleting it? Running PS4 Enhanced Edition with latest updates, in English and with Making History DLC. Thanks!
  2. I now have this same issue. PS4 and Career Mode. Can't load my Career save. It crashed once and I got the chance to report the issue. Now it just hangs up forever when I try to load it. I have to close the program and can restart the game but same thing happens if I try to open that Career again. I CAN load my other Sandbox save just fine. I assume it is a corrupted save file. Is there a way to repair it? Has anyone ever recovered from this issue? Or should I just save myself the trouble/time and start a new Career save? Thanks