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  1. Ok thank you very much guys, it was driving me crazy!, i would never have looked in misc/Asteroid Day (despite the fact that i had read that this part was originally a mod, and it would make sense to be in another folder a part of the place where all the antennas are saved)
  2. Hi, i've been searching that antenna for several hours in the ksp directory(Gamedata/squadparts/utility) and yet i'm not capable of finding it, i've tried to find where is it online but i didn't have success. This part should be in the folder named "Direct Antennas", but instead of the HG-55, i see the HG-5(which is a relay antenna why is it there?") and a part named c16S. Could someone help me find this part please? ( I have currently installed 87 mods (remote tech not installed*))
  3. Same, it took me a couple of days to find the right tool to make it possible, and this is exactly what I needed! (since even KOS don't work when the vessel is further away from the physics range)
  4. so...is the new bfr with no iva uploaded ?, or do we have to wait until the iva is ready?
  5. Bfr always change when you start to get used to the design xD, lets hope that this is the final one becouse now all of my bfr-ish projects are outdated That tintin look would be awesome