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  1. Working on that. Also I've made cargo and tanker versions, and some videos:
  2. Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/YMrd28A I've built a Stainless steel SpaceX Starship by using the new silver panels from the Making History DLC. Works very well. It can to a Mun fly-by in a single launch and If refueled, it can land on Duna and the Mun. The link here allows you to download the Crew, Tanker and Cargo versions! It is recommended to circularize into LKO before re-enry since the two fins at the top have terrible thermal performance. NOTE: The file may be read as incompatible. This is because I use FRMS which is a mod to assist the re-usable functions of
  3. Just an annoyance, but when I build a fairing that connects to a part instead of closing with a cone, it always remains in the default white livery in-game even when I change the skin in the VAB. Thanks for any answers! The mods I'm using are SCANsat, Kerbal Engineer Redux and Kerbal Alarm Clock.
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