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  1. Hopefully this game will teach you about this stuff (because this game tought me a lot) also you should watch Scott manly.
  2. Roger roger I already run a pretty active discord server. So I’m sure I won’t let it die. That’s why I added a poll because I’m wondering if people would be interested to join. Danke Dir
  3. I’ll think about it. Before starting it. Also all your feed-back is much appreciated. Danke Dir
  4. I understand that. Ill probably start working on the discord server. If take-two/squad has a problem with it I’ll take it down. I respect their company so I’ll follow what they tell me to do with the server.
  5. That’s why it’s unoffical. This isn’t to make money or anything. I wanted to make a central discord server, you know. I’ll be checking the EULA also (wish me luck) thanks for your feed back m8
  6. (KSP Unofficial Community Discord Server) As a KSP lover, I wanted to create a community discord server for all of us fans of the game. This server let fans of the game chat with others. I would like some input from the community if you would like to see this. There will be a poll if you would like to see it or not. In the comments down below someone said that these type of servers tend to die out in a couple of months. I already run my own discord server and it’s quite active. I’m sure I won’t let it die. It will be a couple of weeks before I set it up. I want it to be clean and polished before inviting people. I will also be adding bots to the server. If you are interested in helping me make this discord server, go and ping me on discord. To help me with this server you must be over the age of 16. Thank you for your time. My discord account is: ————— Das wird gut Jeder ist willkommen Disclaimer (I am not affiliated with Take-Two Interactive/Squad in any way. This is just a fan server) Many thanks, Popsicle
  7. You should add the Kerbals from Scott Manley’s interstellar series. I think that would be intresting. Good work on the story so far.
  8. We’ll see about that. Another thing, do Kerbals even have rights? Do Kerbals live under a dictatorship like communism? Do they even get paid for their work? These are important questions you see.
  9. I might try and fix it myself, thanks for the help though
  10. Okay, I’ve been having this issue with the runways I select to take-off from. The issue is that when after I get done with a flight and return to space center the runway acts as my space center; it’s very glitchy. Is there anyway I can go back to the actual Space center? (I’m using version 1.4.5 with this)
  11. Thanks for updating this mod! I remember this was the first mod I added to KSP. Good luck!!!
  12. Rule 3. Of crimes against kermanity. Which states; other inkermain acts that you KNOW are not right don’t do it. May Kerbol have mercy on your soul!