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  1. Oooh okay that makes sense thank you!
  2. The muns orbit isn’t perfectly flat tgars why i have inclination problems
  3. The station is exactly 0 degrees. Sometimes my inclination will be off by like -50 or over depending on orbit im just wondering if you can figure out when its a good time to burn to the moon to get almost a 0 degree orbit inclination
  4. I have a mun station and I’m planning to make more/add to it or on other planets but I sometimes have trouble with Delta-v bec of the inclination bec the orbit isn’t completely flat is there a mod to fix this so I can save fuel or any tips???
  5. How do u make is so your sas is parallel?
  6. Hi, Im just curious on how to make an efficent tug module for a spade station as when i attach to a part and use the rcs to move it will swing to the right or left is there anyway to fix this?
  7. Oh okay that makes sense thank you! Im dumb lol Wheres the thing theyre supposed to align with then when they dock to the shuttle?
  8. So i saw a video on the shuttle docking with the iss and then they open a hatch to get on the iss. Wheres that hatch and how did they get to it because you cant go through where it was docked right?
  9. So if i had lets say 1246 units of oxidizer t would be 1246/.55=2265.5 x .45= 1020 units of Liquid fuel? Yeah I do it for fun but thank you!
  10. So I'm trying to calculate delta v, however, with this you need the starting and ending mass. I have the starting mass as 56,892 t and on Mechjeb the ending mass is 47,862 t. The problem is that I can't calculate final mass because if I drain both tanks i get around 42,000 t. How can I calculate this as the Oxidizer does not drain the same rate as the liquid fuel. Btw I am using R.A.P.I.E.R. Engines. (305 ISP).
  11. When calculating Delta-V manually the equation would be DeltaV=ln(m_start/end)xISPx9.8m/s^2 Now my question is when traveling to the moon would you change the 9.8 to calculate delta v? Im just confused as 9.8m/s^s is acceleration of gravity on earth. Thanks, Jonda
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