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  1. I said that all black holes could be other universes because of the theorical experiments, behind event horizon could there be a universe, which is singularity or not, we cannot never know what really really there is inside a BH, if singularity is a universe or not. I know perfectly what singularity is, but we need to specificate that before of the big bang there was singularity, and FROM IT OUR UNIVERSE HAS BEEN CREATED
  2. I cannot know REALLY what there is inside a black hole, maybe behind the event horizon there is singularity form our point of view, but that singularity could be an universe, we cannot know it, we should study it more and more
  3. I mean that if our universe is a black hole, this would mean that nothing can get out of it, even light, but I said that the matter which goes inside our universe-hole (maybe) would transform in galaxy and stars etc., my "theory" would even mean that this is because helium and hydrogen are the first component at the time of the big bang, because they are the component of the star which died forming the black hole
  4. Hello everyone, a few days ago I thought on a theory (the mine one), we could probably live inside a black hole, here's why: The big bang was a sort of an explosion, like a super massive Star colliding on itself making an explosion and the remaining is a black hole, the explosion that has happened that time was the supernova, and the black hole is our universe, then, the matter that black hole "sucks" transforms (inside our universes) into galaxies and stars, this is because it is expanding, and this even means that inside our universe the time goes slower, instead out of it, the time goes faster, this is because when something go near or inside a BH its time slows, because of this our universe expansion slower. The death will be very slow because of Hawking radiation, when the universe will stop expanding it will become always smaller, because of its radiation. This mean that all of our BH in our universe are other "universe", then the multiverse exist, and then, there could be other black holes in other black hole and goes like this. The problem is now to understand what is the first universe o_O I need answers :)