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  1. If I could have one change that would help me the most in KSP, it would be a better launcher. The ability to download mods, purchase DLCs, and just update the game takes me upwards of hours. However, unless there is a easier way to install them, I believe a launcher that can do this on its own would be incredible. Even uploading ship designs would be a nice feature. Different operating systems have differing file layouts so a combatibility would be very helpful for new players who lack tutorials that use the same system as they do.
  2. That is an interesting concept. I love the idea that there's an adventure that one can choose to undertake. However, without motivation to go to these monoliths, players may be unwilling to go there until everything else is completed (except for a Dres mission).
  3. I want to be very clear about this idea if some things were not obvious. The point is that this is OPTIONAL and otherwise would only be an easter egg (like KSP1). However, this is still just an idea. It can be improved undoubtably. Instead of locking out technology until a monolith is discovered, there could be an instant access to technology or signifgantly lower research time/points (idk if they'll change that system).
  4. Planet that spins so fast it starts looking kinda squished. Planet rotation near equator would make the gravity half as apparent.
  5. I also want to mention that this would be the high-tier tech, like metallic hydrogen engines and antimatter storage (assuming that's a thing). The monoliths would also not be too hard to find anyways, always on or around the same celestial objects and easily detectable. I was thinking on Kerbin, buried under Minmus, and in as a Trojan of Vall (the idea being that Vall is tidally locked so that Vallhenge always points to where the monolith was left). Just an idea. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Of course, this would be a optional setting for campaign-style gamemodes
  7. Yes, but the idea is that certain tech cannot be unlocked until a kerbal has touched each monolith or a monolith has been returned to Kerbin.
  8. In the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, Monoliths are found on the Earth, buried in the Moon, and in orbit around Jupiter. We've already had monoliths on planetary surfaces, but we haven't had them buried underneath the surface or in orbit around planets. For KSP 2, the monolith hunt could be expanded by adding interstellar Monoliths that aliens would have placed to tell when the Kerbals had gotten advanced enough to go into different star systems. A monolith would be required to increase the Kerbals technology further and further, the first letting them get off Kerbin after a plane flight from the KSC. The second would give Kerbals the technology to get them from Kerbin to the Kerbol system using chemical rockets. The third monolith would give them efficient rockets and interstellar tech. And finally, the fourth, if returned from an alien world back to Kerbin, would count as beating the game. Not only is this a great way to add a 'Campaign' to the game, it also allows speedrunning that isn't based on just a tech tree or a Eve mission.
  9. If you have a relay network around Eeloo you would get continuous connection, and if you want the coolest connection try many of these in KEO (like GEO, I forget wahtever):
  10. Should time warp be extended? really not much to say right now so just ______ OMG I'm so sorry, I made a big Boo Boo, just look at the meme
  11. Hold on.... Miles? Just... Just... Why?!?!?! We don't live in the dark ages (hopefully).
  12. Should Larger SRBs exist in stock KSP? (I know it's early) If you somehow did not know, the following is helpful info for you to indulge yourself in. *Ahem* Stock SRBs are all small radial size and combining them with struts and other crap works, but it's just so messy (for me at least).
  13. What does "ME" mean in this instance?
  14. If it orbits perfectly in Kerbisynchronous Equatorial Orbit/KEO directly above the KSC then I might go Woah! If it also has artificial gravity then Ya Yeet (whatever that means).
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