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  1. Questions: Are we talking about four kerbals in the same craft, or are they spread out? From which celestial body's orbit do you need to rescue your kerbals from (which planet/moon)? What are the (general) characteristics of the orbit/s? Polar? Prograde/retrograde? I looked through my KerbalX for spacecraft that could rescue four or more kerbals from orbit, and found the Poseidon Mk. IV Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/Poseidon-Mk-IV-NO-MODS If it can fly to Laythe and back, it can rescue your stranded friends from LKO. The rest of the craft that could carry a minimum of four people to AND from Kerbin's surface were: A spaceplane-launched relay. Unless you also want to deploy a small orbital relay antenna somewhere, I don't recommend using this. It can ONLY carry four people. A docking-capable variant of the Poseidon. What do you think?
  2. I know it's late, but if you want to reduce the overall funds expended, I recommend learning the ways of the spaceplane. If you do it right, you can get the entire vehicle back along with your crew and data. And if you think building regular spaceplanes is a hard, wait until you meet Duna. The atmosphere alone provides two big hurdles you need to overcome: You can't use air-breathing engines on that planet. Which means that you'll have to use rocket engines that will bring your Duna TWR to over 1 when you enter the atmosphere. This is also crucial when you decide to leave Duna. If you use rapiers on your craft, you still need to have enough fuel to make it to Kerbin - or at least your next refueling stop. It's significantly thinner than on Kerbin. Flying a plane on Duna is nothing like flying on on Kerbin or Laythe. Apart from not using air-breathing engines, you can't make turns as well and you have to be quite close to the ground before you can deploy any parachutes. Fortunately, I unlocked the secret two years ago. Below is a picture of the spaceplane I use for Duna missions, the Dirtblood. Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/Dirtblood After you get this bad boy into LKO, you need to land on Minmus to refuel yourself before you fly anywhere else. Those two NERV engines take up a decent amount of fuel, but it's a small price to pay for a non-rapier TWR of over 1 on Duna. I highly recommend you have an engineer on board to speed up fueling - or repair stuff, now that repair kits are out.* If you have a good enough relay network, you won't need a pilot for this. I haven't updated this craft in about two years. Feel free to try it out and tell me what you think.
  3. It would be interesting to see Lightyear in his pre-academy days, as well as what he did for Star Command before Darkmatter faked his death. Too bad the 2000 movie was direct-to-video. It totally deserved to be in theaters when it came out.
  4. This thread is to discuss our thoughts/questions/concerns about the upcoming Buzz Lightyear movie. And when it's officially released, we can tell each other how we felt about it without having to dig through any movie megathreads. Let me start us off. ----- I thought Disney was done with Buzz Lightyear, but apparently I was wrong. Not only that, this movie will be centered around Buzz Lightyear the character rather than just the toy. I bet it will be interesting to know how Buzz Lightyear became the famous space ranger we all know and love. What I'm really hoping for, however, are connections to the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command series. His story just won't make sense to an "old guy" like me - as in a kid or older in the early 2000s - if I'm left with a lot of questions like "Why wasn't Buzz partnered up with Warp?" or "Hey, Tangea wasn't destroyed." I might, however, be interested if I see some things in this movie that would explain events that occur in the animated series - like maybe the reason the grubs work for Zurg is because a group within the Galactic Alliance burned their homes down. If you're old enough to remember this series, you'll probably have a lot of questions too. Characters I hope to see include, but are not limited to: Evil Emperor Zurg (duh) Warp Darkmatter But don't let Buzz know that he's been taking bribes from Zurg since the academy at this movie. He doesn't find out until some time after Warp fakes his death in the 2000 animated movie. Commander Nebula Although I won't be surprised if he's not a commander at the time of this movie. LGMs Little Green Men - three-eyed little creatures that keep Star Command running Look like the aliens that say "Strangers from the outside." and "The claaaawwww!" Other than all that, can't wait to see it.
  5. On that note, I wonder if we'll get to see any of our favorite characters from the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command series, including (but not limited to) Warp Darkmatter Buzz's old partner before he became Agent Z in the movie. Mira Nova At the time, she probably would still be a princess of Tangea. Zurg Commander Nebula Although he may not be a commander at the time of this movie The LGMs XL XR's predecessor and "older brother" For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, these characters are from an animated show from 2000-2001. It's centered around Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Patrick Warburton) and his three partners protecting the Galactic Alliance from the likes of Zurg, his minions, and other rogues. Will we get a callback to the series in this new Pixar movie, or will Disney disregard it completely? I wonder if anyone on this forum besides me remembers this 20-year-old series If not, then it's probably due to being too young and/or having no childhood
  6. If you can't find any, then why not just start your own server with a "Career Mode" section? Also, why not ask for career mode help on these forums? A lot of your early-mid career questions are bound to have been answered already. https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/First-KSP-Plane - here's an early-career plane, and I'm talking JUST-BOUGHT-THE-DEED-TO-THE-SPH early
  7. Bill's Car is more like a regular plane, since it's not capable of achieving LKO.
  8. I have a few questions, Do our vehicles have to be launched from the VAB, or are we allowed to launch them from the SPH? If so, then I may have a few ideas for Duna SSTOs that is bound to save money (in terms of overall cost, since you'll eventually end up with the craft back) "Establish ISRU at the Mun south pole" - does it necessarily have to be at the Munar south pole? Not that it should be a problem. Personally, I go for a refueling stop on Minmus. However, the spaceplanes I have in mind for the mission should be able to land on the Mun. "Launch a mission to Duna, using the Mun ISRU facility to reduce costs" - do I have to land on Duna's surface, or do I just have to establish a parking orbit around the planet? Also, since the spaceplanes I have in mind have their own ISRU capabilities, then is the Munar presence really necessary? For that matter, what would be the purpose of those missions? What needs to be done for this challenge to be completed?
  9. Child's play. I'll start us off with the plane that helped me get Thread of the Month for January 2020, Bill's Car. Below are pictures of it in action. In case you're curious, here's the award-winning thread that the plane made its debut in. The challenge is over now, but feel free to ask me on DM if you want to restart it. If you want to see any more planes, feel free to check out my KerbalX page.
  10. I got rid of the Bon Voyage and World Stabilizer folders, and that seemed to work. Thanks. Now the question remains: which mods should I keep now that 1.12 has new features (like an alarm clock)? Also, will the planets be more shaky and put my vehicles at greater risk of unprovoked destruction now that Worldstabilizer's gone?
  11. Tried that, didn't work. Perhaps there are other mods I need to get rid of. https://mega.nz/file/6fxiXbCC#uMLHoc3mwi_CRjtTgDJ-4ZB_Fj8VuCTjX-5oaDLaOTE - new log
  12. So, I guess I need to access the GameData folder and then get rid of the BDArmory folder? Is that right? I don't have much use for it anyway, and downloading it in the first place was a mistake. It's no loss if I have to get rid of it.
  13. How's this - https://mega.nz/file/DPwwAArC#3f0gTHyG5LPHhuQXhwpIpKY6odIE9gnDYidsCuNpwkQ I renamed it to include my (KSP Forum) initials and the date
  14. I updated to version 1.12.1 last night. When I tried to start the game soon after that, the game didn't load. At least 20 minutes later, the loading bar still didn't go up For reference, the screenshot below shows how low the loading bar was. Any idea what the problem is and how can I fix it? Thank you.
  15. NOTHING. "⸚ kerman" was an alias used by a Sarnusian in an attempt to explore "the water planet that the distant radio transmissions called Kerbin." To not arouse suspicion, he disguised his spacecraft as a capsule returning from Eeloo. Johnwick Kerman will get mauled by his own dog.
  16. Melbet Kerman's company was involved in a competition to design the most powerful noise-cancelling earphones in the world. Being a heavy spender, he purchased two LV-T30 "Reliant" engines and modified them to include sound equipment inside. One of the design requirements was that no bystanders could hear the music, so the rocket-engines-turned-oversized-earphones were heavily insulated on the outside. When construction was completed, Melbet set his kPod to play some soothing music and plugged it in to the prototypes. After his assistant turned it on, Melbet's face started to shake. The sound waves were penetrating his skull, causing heavy vibrations within. By the time the shutdown code was processed, it was too late. Melbet's head had exploded due to the immense vibrations coming from the sound waves. Rochelle Kerman will die from wearing a mask... in space.
  17. I've been interested in Mars since I was a kid, and I was an aerospace engineering major in Virginia Tech when I started playing KSP. Anyone who knows me well who comes across this forum might figure out "Mars-Bound Hokie" is me.
  18. Jebediachk Kerman, an agent of the Kerbal Revenue Service, was programming a computer chip to plant in the agency's latest (illegal) project, the Taxmanian Devil. When he was done putting the chip in the animal's brain, the taxmanian devil specimen tore Jebediachk's arms off before beating his skull to a bloody pulp with them. The supervising scientists had to use poisonous gas to subdue the creature before securing the lab. Anthony Kerman - Watneyvirus vaccine
  19. Orange Kerman was texting, vlogging, and driving around the Kerbal Space Center in a golf cart. Unbeknownst to her - but she would have known if he had paid any attention to the runway - a cadet was lining up to do a nighttime cross-country flight in a starter plane. As the cadet was accelerating, his landing gear lights picked up Orange doing poses in front of her camera on the runway. The instructor, who had decided to stay in Mission Control due to being a whiny germaphobe, activated the remote override protocol and tried to avoid Orange - but it was too late. One of the plane's air intakes smashed Orange's head clean off. Orange's family sued the KSP for wrongful death, but the courts quickly ruled in favor of the KSP. Though the plaintiffs argued that the student pilot should have reacted sooner, the defendants argued that the young, inexperienced student simply panicked and did not expect "Some idiot with a death wish" to jump out in front of him. Additionally, the judge commented that "At her age, Orange should have known what texting and vlogging on an active runway could lead to. Had she simply paid attention, and maybe waited until after it was clear, she would still be alive." Spiff Kerman - being sus
  20. I'm thinking about diving deeper into the ion engines of KSP. Not only can I understand them better for KSP fanworks, in which the engine math would be described in great detail, but I can apply these principles for real-life. As a KSP example, the given values of the IX-6315 "Dawn" engine are: Isp = 4200 s Thrust = 2 kN Which is way higher than the real-life ion engines I've been seeing. Values I can easily calculate are: Mass flow rate for xenon propellant (kg/s) Exhaust velocity (m/s) Beam power (watts) Wet-to-dry mass ratios for certain dV requirements For certain phases, some parts will be jettisoned (e.g. I'm not going to carry an Apollo-style landing craft back home if I've already used it). Using this engine as an example, how do I calculate the specific power (W/kg) for it? With that value, I can divide it by the input power to get the mass of the power supply system required. Example: an engine with an Isp=2000s and a Thrust = 0.2 N. A value of 100 W/kg was given for the specific power, but I have no idea how they got it. mass of power supply system = (Power required in W) / (specific power in W/kg) This might not matter so much in KSP, but it does for real-life calculations. Plus, as an aerospace engineering major, I want to better understand what goes into xenon-powered spacecraft. If someone could help me, that would be nice.
  21. Challenge accepted. In fact, I managed to pull it off a year ago finishing a tourism contract. If you want more details, look up my forum posts about the Raven-Remembrance Saga - otherwise known as the Remembrance-Trainwreck Saga The forum post announcing the Eeloo landing, made February 2020 Poseidon SSTO on the landing approach Craft file - https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/Poseidon-Mk-IV-NO-MODS If you want more details on how I carried out this mission, I started with a Minmus landing to refuel after taking off. However, the details on what happened after that are a bit fuzzy. More specifically, I don't remember if I: Went straight to Eeloo after refueling on Minmus (most likely), or made a pit stop at Ike Blasted off back to Kerbin with or without an ore transport between Eeloo takeoff and the exit burn. Either way, I am certain on the outcome and the main gist: The Poseidon SSTO took off from Kerbin Said SSTO did not use gravity assists to reach Eeloo, then landed on the surface to refuel That SSTO flew back to Kerbin, landing on 0-9 KSC in one piece.
  22. Well, in any case, I'll enter the Velocity Division. I'll use the same plane I used to kick off my "80 Minutes" challenge. I had to fly it again due to the 1.10 rule, and I originally flew December last year. "Bill's Car" right before takeoff Bill's in the cockpit. He doesn't need to worry about not being able to control the plane, for he has a probe core. Working on a cruising speed and altitude. Flying at 18,500 m altitude at 1,350 m/s When I tried 1400 m/s, I eventually blew up from overheating. Used MJ Autopilot for most of the flight. When the cockpit heat meter got too high, I had to cut the engine for a bit so that it could cool down while the plane glided. While it saved Bill's life, it cost me some precious time. So close to the runway. TIME: 53 minutes, 35 seconds So close to beating my previous time. Stupid aerodynamic update.
  23. Were you, by any chance, inspired by my old "Around the World in 80 Minutes" challenge from last year?
  24. How hard can it be? Just think of a Random first name (doesn't even have to make sense), followed by "Kerman" For some reason, everyone's last name is Kerman Cause of death Like I said earlier, don't just use "Heart attack." We can do better than that. It can range from being realistic (e.g. plane crash) or just outright ridiculous (e.g. getting high on Duna dust)
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