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  1. Nice job, and I certainly see the appeal (except for the lack of safety railings). Now, here's MY efficient spacecraft launcher: A spaceplane that carries a spaceplane Just return the large plane when you're done. The main spaceplane (the one that's being carried) has 4,975 m/s of delta-V once detached. Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/Lazybird
  2. Finally, after seven (in-game) years, I completed my Eeloo outpost contract. Landed inside one of Eeloo's canyons, explaining why the ground underneath is brown. Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/Eeloo-Outpost
  3. Welcome to the KSP Forums, @SpaceDave1337. When you start a thread in the Spacecraft Exchange, it is best to take pictures/video of your craft in action.
  4. Is that the best you got? This plane can do it in less than an hour, and that was just one of the slower entries in the "Around the World in 80 Minutes" challenge. It's actually quite simple. Post your screenshots on your imgur account. It doesn't even have to be public (Unless you haven't already) crop it so that only the parts you want to show are visible Copy the "direct link" of the picture in question Paste the link on the KSP Forum post. Voila.
  5. Two of my kerbalnauts were involved in an SSTO crash on Duna. For more details, read the entry from Y64D34 on this thread. I then built an unmanned rover specifically designed to give a 21-rocket salute. After a successful test run at the runway, I uploaded it to KerbalX. https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/21-Rocket-Salute-Vehicle If you want to hold a funeral for your fallen heroes, feel free to use it. Just make sure your throttle's all the way up before you start firing, or you're going to get a bunch of detached rockets just sitting there.
  6. FROM THE OFFICE OF WERNHER VON KERMAN Tragedy has struck the Kerbal Space Program. A day ago, kerbalnauts Johnfrid Kerman (Neptune II) and Enmal Kerman (Neptune III) were testing a T-6 Cannonball Prototype through Duna's atmosphere when we lost contact with them. Their mission: see if a spaceplane meant for Tylo could work on Duna's surface. Their last transmission was a photograph of them re-entering Duna's atmosphere in their plane. Almost ten minutes after this picture was taken, we lost contact with their plane. We first thought it was a communications problem, but I had ordered an orbital reconnaissance probe to take pictures of the plane's trajectory path just to be sure. Unfortunately, we ended up with this. More debris scattered across the surface of Duna, but this was the clearest picture we got. So far, there has been no sign of the crew capsule. We plan to send a search for the missing kerbalnauts, but it's not likely they survived. Until we find evidence otherwise, we'll have to assume that Johnfrid and Enmal were killed in the crash. Some time after the rest of the kerbalnaut fleet got the news, a few of them came forward with some things to say. If Johnfrid and Enmal are not found alive within ten days, a funeral would be held at the Neptune memorial in their honor by then. Too bad they won't be buried next to Nathan (until we find their bodies, that is), but it's even worse that two more Neptune kerbalnauts have died in the pursuit of knowledge. If anything good came out of this, it's that we'll never use a T-6 Cannonball for Duna landings again. Since it's docking-capable, it can at least attach itself to a Duna lander and remain in orbit. If anyone has anything to say about these brave men, speak now or forever hold your peace. Wernher Von Kerman Year 64, Day 34 3H50M
  7. DONBIN KERMAN'S MISSION LOG: Y64D5 - 2H45M Instead of landing on Pol to refuel, we decided to land on Bop. Here's a picture of me standing on the left canard while the Neptune VII is on the surface. It's been over two years since we blasted off in a spaceplane-carried spaceplane, and we're already at our refueling stop. What's even more impressive than 4,975 m/s of delta-V at LKO is that it still has a docking port in case we need to refuel quickly. Though this plane isn't docking-capable, that doesn't mean an ore transport isn't. Anyway, after we're done filling up our tanks on Bop, we're going to fly to Laythe and do our exploration mission for a while. After that, it's Pol and then back home for us. Kind of weird that the Neptune VII is arriving at Laythe before the Neptune VI (one-woman) crew is. I hope Anrey's enjoying herself in the Anubis I, which is supposed to be the first crewed mission to orbit Jool's moon of Tylo. If we rush our Laythe run, we may end up out of Jool's SOI before the Anubis I enters. On the other hand, since this plane is equipped with a goo canister, Mission Control will want us to maximize our science gains before leaving. Sure, the Neptune II and IV had goo, but they were limited in what they could get with such data. Neptune II could only obtain goo from one place; there was not enough fuel just for flying around. Of course, all that data was destroyed. Neptune IV was large, not so maneuverable, and had tourists to bring home. Back on Kerbin, our T-6 Cannonball model has shown some promising results. Our prototype with Johnfrid and Enmal are two days away from making their circularization burn over Duna. Sure, the Cannonball has enough thrust on Lf+Ox engines to fly through Duna, but we don't know if it's a good idea to use it there. I mean, we already have the Dirtblood for that - but if someone paid for a trip to Tylo as well as a Duna landing, then we could use this instead. And you're probably wondering why I'm rambling about a Tylo SSTO model on a Laythe mission thread. The reasons are: Two of the testers were Neptune kerbalnauts If there is a Neptune VIII mission, we could use that plane. And merge it with the Anubis II mission plan.
  8. Thanks for that, @JacobJHC. I am honored. Since I have already proven I can do the Jool-5, I decided to post my craft file on KerbalX. Yes, I know the model is called the T-6 Cannonball. I called it the Anubis II for this run. The KerbalX page comes with detailed instructions on how to use it, including the capsule ejection sequence.
  9. I lost my Minmus ore transport. Apparently, MJ Landing Autopilot didn't start its final burn soon enough - resulting in the craft crashing down on the surface hard. Here is a picture of the ore transport spinning around half a minute after impact. I have a "light" ore transport ready in the VAB, but I'm in no hurry to send one up to Minmus. Besides that, I have a few other things in my career save to deal with such as: Semi-annual budget check I really need to catch up on the spreadsheet Getting the Neptune VII to: Refuel on Bop Doing crew reports over Jool Landing on Laythe Planning my next extra-long tourist run. So far, it's going to be in a Poseidon SSTO called Rerun. Hopefully it doesn't go as long (or turn out as agonizing) as the Raven-Remembrance saga Testing the T-6 Cannonball SSTO on Duna Tourist run to Ike in a private spaceplane. Planting a base on Eeloo
  10. Have you tried this: https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/Speed-Demon-NO-MODS Costs only $172,590.0 Can carry one person around the surface of the Mun Comes with a rocket booster (and ISRU) in case you need to go up very steep hills
  11. If that's the case, then @Astrion should upload the save file with that station in orbit and post the link to it so that someone could access that save and move your station. Keep in mind that: You should use all Stock parts for your station, so that anyone could use it. Not everyone uses parts mods and/or DLCs, but everybody has Stock. Google Drive/MEGA are great sites to store save files online and post links for someone else to use. Usually, they come in the form of .zip files. Make sure your game is updated to the latest version. Yeah. If you're just showing off, then just do it in the Space Stations thread.
  12. I finally completed a tourist mission - involving ONE paying tourist - to Pol and back. To save fuel, I aerobraked in LKO to lower my apoapsis before making my de-orbit burn to the KSC. As an extra risk, I landed AT NIGHT.
  13. ENMAL KERMAN'S MISSION LOG: Y63D19 - 5H55M I still remember when Lodock and I flew to Duna to refuel during the Neptune III mission, though I never would have guessed I would be landing on Duna itself in an experimental spaceplane. Even if I did, I wouldn't have imagined going on a space mission with a kerbalnaut from another Neptune mission. Specifically, Johnfrid Kerman --> sole scientist of the Neptune II flight. Although our new SSTO prototype was called the Anubis II for testing purposes, the main manufacturing firm behind it decided to rename it the T-6 Cannonball. Wernher von Kerman had no objections, as the Anubis II was supposed to be a mission name - and the T-6 Cannonball is a model name, should we decide to use it later (e.g. for rescue/tourist missions). And no, it's still no good for Eve. While Mission Control and the design team were debating on the model name, we uploaded the Cannonball's design into a simulator program and had three kerbalnaut rejects do the Jool-5 challenge. Though it took multiple quicksaves and a lot of frustration, they eventually managed to pull it off. After the Anubis I returns, all we need to do is do it for real. For more information on how they did, click on the link below and follow their photo-heavy album. After careful review of the (patched) successful simulated Jool-5 run, Mission Control realized that we still need to improve on our plane's design and piloting techniques. These alterations include, but are not limited to: Removing one of the landing struts per side so that the plane could lean forward and land on its wheels upon touchdown For Kerbin takeoff, we need to: Pitch up at ~20 degrees upon liftoff Pitch downward until ~5 degrees when your velocity reaches 335 m/s Switch off rapiers before they flame out and switch to rocket mode. NERVs and skippers still have a TWR of over 1 by then Aim pitch at prograde until desired apoapsis reached. For long-distance Hohmann transfers, you don't need to fill up the oxidizer tanks completely - just enough for the plane to get off the surface and achieve the desired apoapsis Laythe takeoff and Bop refueling is going to get tricky. Back to our test run, Johnfrid and I are taking a Cannonball to Minmus to refuel before flying to Duna. Since the plane boasts A LOT of delta-V on rapiers and skippers alone (you need that kind of thrust to get off Tylo), we filled the Lf+Ox tanks ALL THE WAY this time so that, when we hit Duna's atmosphere, we'll have sufficient thrust to fly around. Some of the engineers think that we're good in terms of Duna aerodynamics due to the large wingspan and rear stabilizers, while others disagree on the grounds that the Cannonball - unlike the Dirtblood - was not designed to fly in a thin atmosphere with a Duna TWR of more than 1 on Lf+Ox engines alone. Gene Kerman put their argument to rest after saying this: "There's only one way to find out." Not even 100 m above the surface, and we were dumb enough to leave our engines running until we had a 513-km apoapsis. For now, we'll use the NERV engines so we can burn off some of the excess Lf. Since the plane now has 18,994 units of Ox, we'll use the NERVs until our Lf tanks are at 15,541 units total. When that happens, we'll switch to one or more types of Lf+Ox tanks so that we can use up both Lf+Ox at equal rates. EDIT: We originally planned to remove only two struts per side (four total), but then realized that we need to add another strut so that the bottom rapiers don't hit the ground when the plane tilts. At least the Cannonball has monopropellant to help tip it over; sure, it's docking-capable, but we shouldn't need to use it if we can do the Jool-5.
  14. I made a model of one of my SSTOs on Autodesk Inventor.
  15. @Misguided_Kerbal, it seems that you're ready to start flying to space. I wish you good luck and great success on all your endeavors. If you ever need help, don't be afraid to ask for it here; that's why the forum exists in the first place. I'm also willing to offer some assistance, as I've landed kerbals on all planets except for Eve. Yes, that means I've done the Jool-5. With some time and experience (including failures), you can do that too. (You can make your own ribbon and put it in your signature)
  16. @JacobJHC, here's my entry for the Jool-5 challenge. I did it in a Sandbox save because I hated waiting for my other missions to get done. I'm bad at Imgur albums, so here are the pictures in individual sections. To describe my entry: Three-person SSTO Fun fact: comes with emergency abort system ISRU and docking-capable Won't need the docking for this case. Science-capable. Specifically Goo Temperature Crew report Pressure Atmospheric GCMS Gravioli scans Seismic scans Mods used for this challenge: MechJeb Kerbal Alarm Clock Getting to Jool from Kerbin STOP 1: Laythe STOP 2: Bop STOP 3: Tylo (a real doozy) STOP 4: Pol STOP 5: Vall Going back home What do you think?
  17. Yeah. I mean, if you can land on Eve and return, you can definitely do the same for Duna.
  18. Ever wondered why your kerbals keep dying left and right, despite hours of preparation and practice? Here's your answer. Bill Kerman is at the VAB adding struts to the new Apollo-Style Duna lander when he saw something fall out of the sky and onto the tracking station. He then picked it up and saw that it was a notebook; what really caught his eye was the message in the interior cover. "The kerbal whose name is written on this notebook shall die." Being the curious engineer that he is, he decided to test it. A total of three names later - and three dead kerbals - he realized the notebook's power was something to be taken seriously. Along with that, he saw his new purpose in life; to save all of kerbalkind from the filth growing within the species. Using the Kerbal Death Note, he now deals swift, effective justice throughout the entire solar system. Please tell me what you think about the video. If you want to try the Kerbal Death Note for yourself, here's the forum game. All you need to do is: Describe in detail what happens to the previous poster's victim, according to the specified cause of death. Name your next victim and cause of death (don't give specifics, because that's someone else's job). If you like it, please like/comment/subscribe to my channel. I got more KSP content coming.
  19. I asked KSP Support ([email protected]) a few days ago, but no response. Here's the story. My plane keeps sliding on the surface of Bop. However, when I right-clicked the landing gear and tried to mess with friction control, it wouldn't move. I even tried "clear input locks," but no good. I even tried "revert to quicksave" and changing it in orbit, but no good either. Friction control just wouldn't cooperate. Picture of the plane in orbit with its Friction Control not working. Even tried it on the surface, but nothing. How can I fix this without having to start the mission all over again? I'm doing the Jool-5 with this, and Bop is my second stop. Thanks for your help.
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