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  1. Gene: "Why were you checking your watch a lot before the launch? We were already counting down." Bill: "I guess it's because... because I'm Kirba."
  2. Man, you could use some struts - and CHECK YO STAGIN!
  3. This. While Yaj Kerman was waiting for his rescue ship to arrive, he fell asleep in his lander can. Unbeknownst to him, it was the end of the Bop Kraken's decades-long hibernation cycle. When it woke up, it sensed some food on the other side of the planet. Yaj Kerman couldn't fire up the engines - since the lander didn't have any - so he was easy prey for the hungry beast. Naomi Kerman will die during Eve re-entry
  4. Dinky was hiking up the Mun's northeastern craters when he let a big one rip. The pressure from all the gas, and the shock from the resulting sound wave, caused his spacesuit to explode from the inside. While all of his oxygen was leaking out, the cold vacuum of space killed him in a matter of seconds. His partner, Raye Kerman, had no idea that Dinky had died until his base had lost contact with his bio monitor. Raye couldn't hear the first explosion since, well, sound doesn't carry through space. Raye Kerman will die from spaghettification.
  5. THIS IS A PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE PRIME MINISTER OF KERBIN In the past three months, we have experienced a spike in fatalities caused by pilots who were texting while flying. Today, the Kerbal Space Program has made this video to outline the dangers of such reckless behavior. By showing this to you, we hope to raise awareness of the consequences and, eventually, save more lives as a result. Don't text and fly.
  6. I made this video, which shows what happens when you text and fly. Please feel free to like/comment/subscribe.
  7. I submitted an entry to the Asymmetrical Aircraft Challenge. Watch the video below to see it in action. https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/Asymmetrical-Aircraft
  8. Hey, @Klapaucius. Here's my entry for the challenge. What do you think? I also brought my parts list with me (which you can find on KerbalX):
  9. Nice work, @mystifeid. You got close to beating @Laie's time (24:32), in fact. One question: why did you put Wheesley engines on your plane? Why not use a supersonic engine, like a whiplash or a rapier? I suggest doing this a second time, but switching the wheesleys for something more powerful. If you need to slow down that quickly, try airbrakes and/or drag chutes. Heck, you may even have a shot at beating @Laie.
  10. That's weird, because it's now embedded in the command module controls. Unless you used the separate MJ remote part, the mod wouldn't show up on KerbalX. Regardless, MJ should be okay as it's just a craft control mod. It doesn't come with any parts that would give unfair advantages, like aerodynamic structures or hyperdrives or stuff like that.
  11. Doofenshmirtz in a Mun crater. I built a replica of the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated building from Phineas and Ferb, mounted it on a rocket, and then sent it to the Mun. It can hold up to 143 people (both inside and out, thanks to command seats) and it looks like Ferb's head a very Kerbal space outpost. Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/Doofenshmirtz-Evil-Incorporated
  12. I feel you, man. How exactly did you get that photo, anyway? Last I checked, the KSC was located within a grassy area right next to a beach; not some wasteland. (In Tune of "Evil Jingle") Doofenshmirtz in a Mun Crater BEHOLD... MY MUN BASE! You see, being forced into social isolation due to the Kerbonavirus has gotten me bored. So, I did what I always do and thought of a complicated solution to a simple problem. I then built a replica of my building and mounted it on a rocket - which... costs more than the base itself. Once the sun was up, I launched from the KSC and landed in one of the Mun's northwest craters. "Why the Mun?" you ask. Simple: I can't get the virus if I'm not even on Kerbin... and don't say that I could have just picked Minmus. I can also get a good view of Kerbin from here, not to mention that the... good base spots are crowded. Now, I can take control of the tri-crater area while nobody mooches off my Wi-Fi and/or risks infecting me. Pretty cool, huh?
  13. I'm fine; I was going for a Heinz Doofenshmirtz voice at the beginning. Plus, given the current situation, it seemed appropriate. How was the rest of the video, by the way?
  14. I submitted my first entry for the "Race Around the World" challenge.
  15. I've been preparing for the Race Around the World challenge. Besides my SSTO idea, I plan to make a space shuttle-style spacecraft that can orbit retrograde and get me to the KSC runway in less than 35 minutes. But first, I had to test the final stage to make sure it even works. After all, the rules state that I need to land at the runway (and not crash) for my entry to count. After getting it up to supersonic speed, I turned it around and landed without a scratch. However, I don't intend to take off with this thing.
  16. That's okay. You're (relatively) new to the forums, so I wouldn't expect you to know about it - at least not until after it's expiration date (2/20/2020). In fact, I'm glad to see that somebody has taken the "Kerbin Speed Challenge" baton and not just copied me. My challenge had a 35-km altitude limit (do not leave the atmosphere), whereas yours doesn't have any. Although getting too high means wasting time. I required everyone to return with whatever parts they started with, but you allowed staging (can leave junk behind). For my challenge, that also meant no crashing or exploding due to overheating. No dropping off booster rockets, either. If you used them, bring them back. You don't have a time limit (but a time to shoot for - 35 min), but I only allowed anyone who got under 80 minutes. I had more regulations on what the craft should have (e.g. remote control core AND crew capacity of at least 1, have 1,000 units charge, crew must be able to get on and off the plane), but you just said it must have someone in it. (BASICALLY, I WAS STRICTER IN MY CHALLENGE) I've already gotten started on your challenge - and I won't just use Bill's Car again. Aside from my plans to use one of my SSTOs, I want to try a (somewhat) new approach. I'll post pictures this weekend, when I get a bigger monitor to take screenshots.
  17. Thanks for mentioning my challenge, @ManEatingApe. For a while, I thought it had been forgotten already. And yes, @Laie has proven it possible to do a lap around Kerbin in less than 25 minutes (24:32 to be exact) without leaving the atmosphere. @ralanboyle, judging by the rules posted and your video, it seems like there's no altitude limit for this challenge. If that's the case, then I could just take an SSTO to orbit (most likely retrograde, since @ManEatingApe - and several other challenge participants of mine - mentioned that it means a shorter time) and land at 2-7 KSC easily. Besides that, I don't have to return with everything I started with - as long as I end up at the KSC runway. Aside from the question to use MechJeb (it's built-in to all probe cores now, thanks to a new mod update), can I also use: Vesselmover (to position a plane to go west - the OPPOSITE direction) BigBen Alarm clock
  18. Take this: https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/Lazybird Send the spaceplane itself to Duna at the next transfer window. Doesn't need to be occupied, but be sure to deploy your antenna. The carrier should go back to the KSC. Take your stranded crew to a spot with a sufficient ore concentration. If you're already there, perfect. If not, you might want to bring a car with the plane. Refuel all tanks (including oxidizer) Blast off will all five engines when you're done refueling. GO-TIME!
  19. I unleashed several Obliterator prototypes on the KSC and started destroying all I could see. Some BDArmory users may criticize me for a lack of armor, but I make up for that with its wide array of weaponry. Besides that, its primary probe core and power source (an RTG) are protected in a box of armor. Here are some pictures from the tests: I plan to modify my craft so that it won't sink as much in the middle - or even get better missiles - and then present in on KerbalX.
  20. After getting "Weaponry" stuck in my head, I went ahead and built this (incomplete) monstrosity For some reason, I destroyed multiple buildings with the cannon while I couldn't even bring down the SPH with 16 missiles (and most of them hit). I need to build a way for this tank to move around and have sustainable power while turning the entire KSC to rubble. Yes, I was able to hit the water tower in one shot from the runway start point (further back, if you count the recoil). If I'm really ambitious, I may go for flying this bad boy to other planets.
  21. Deedee Kerman's nuclear power plant was racking up safety violations by the day. On top of that, she had fired anyone - especially union workers - who demanded she do something about it. When she saw that she was getting sued for millions of dollars in fines, worker's compensation fees, and costs needed to rectify the plant's safety violations, she knew that she would lose despite her high-tier lawyers. Deedee then took a briefcase full of money and locked herself in the main reactor, dying from radiation poisoning within minutes. Heinz Kerman will die while doing the Woomerang Driving Test Waltz.
  22. LISA KERMAN'S MISSION LOG: Y62D156 - 1H30M After years of exploring the water moon of Laythe, the three of us are finally home. TOUCHDOWN Taken 1 hour, 21 minutes ago. We have earned: 3392.8 193,664 Again, how did the recovery value get higher than the regular craft price (116,278)? All three of us becoming Level-Five kerbalnauts To be honest, I didn't think we were going to make it since our liquid fuel tanks were at less than 1/10 capacity. I'm very glad that not only we came back alive, but we kept the data intact; otherwise, we would be a bigger laughingstock than the Neptune II. Givan, Namin, and I are also the first kerbalnauts to come back from Laythe in a Mun Hopper; Lodock and Enmal don't count, since they returned in a pod while the Neptune III (an older variant of the Mun Hopper) was empty. Though this measure was a response to the Neptune II explosion, it turned out to be unnecessary. Good thing too bad that arrogant prick's the Neptune VI mission was aborted, but I honestly think that we wouldn't have gained much from a solo mission to Laythe in an SSTO. Sure, Johnfrid was alone when he first set foot on the surface, but three crewed missions (counting this one) after that have further expanded our knowledge of that moon - despite the data loss. I mean, the Neptune V flew over pretty much every biome and took scientific readings mid-flight (and even over the ocean). Heck, we often had to slow down just to get mid-flight EVA reports. Besides that, if we ever need to land more bases on Laythe, we made a very long list of spots to put them. I don't know why the map doesn't have the labels on ALL the stars, but at least we have the coordinates. 8* 13' 21" S 52* 20' 31" W Reflex Hammer Island 46* 28' 50" S 23* 1' 25" W Boring Island 41* 24' 39" S 37* 29' 13" W Penguin Soon-to-be Island 46* 20' 14" S 61* 28' 23" W Penguin Island 15* 20' 30" N 65* 22' 24" W Crater Island 45* 21' 36" N 121* 19' 53" W Northern Volcano 31* 02' 44" S 103* 59' 27" W Puffin Island 26* 30' 30" S 153* 39' 36" W Mergard's Courage 23* 30' 08" S 171* 08' 38" E Area D92F 24* 39' 55" S 156* 28' 18" E Site 0-3S 26* 54' 12" S 95* 25' 50" E Sector RT-F 32* 20' 12" S 91* 29' 46" E Zone 81HR0 16* 18' 55" N 169* 14' 18" E Gregzor's Peril 36* 17' 38" N 154* 36' 37" E Uvula Bay 22* 47' 29" N 104* 48' 41" E Upside-down L 39* 5' 17" N 76* 14' 28" E Doughnut 56* 48' 37" S 30* 33' 41" E South Cuba 66* 9' 32" S 79* 40' 7" E Anti-Florida 70* 37' 34" N 25* 41' 47" W Seward's Island Here are some pictures that we took that didn't end up in any previous journal entries. The three of us had agreed to save them until after we got back home, and we're now publishing them as promised. When I got the news that the KSP made a spaceplane carrier that could get to LKO, I was amazed. I wish the Neptune VII boys good luck and a swift return. The "swift return" part is pretty much guaranteed, since it's not going to stop at Ike first. As for the new tourist voyage - which will begin in a couple of years, after some of them return from a Gilly landing - it will cover all the planets in the Kerbol system, including the five moons of Jool. The Poseidon SSTO which will be used won't be able to land on Tylo or Vall, but the good thing is that the tourists only paid for a fly-by of Vall and an orbit of Tylo. If you have any questions regarding our Tylo-related efforts, please direct them to the Tylo Trek thread. If we were to have a Neptune VIII mission, it would be another tourist run with an exploration crew along for the ride. I'm starting to sense the Laythe hype dying down in the program, and my online friends (since I was stuck with Givan and Namin for a decade) agreed that we shouldn't send anything else to Laythe unless there's a financial or new scientific incentive involved. I kind of see their point; we sent a lot of spacecraft and planes to that moon, and we have already proven ourselves able to send planes, bases, and cars to the islands. Plus, we have put two space stations (one of them incomplete) already in orbit.
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