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  1. Well, that may be the right call, will do something about it!
  2. Well you got noticed! In fact mostly everyone does! Thanks!
  3. Sorry to disappoint you here @passinglurker we needed to create nosecones that matched previously revamped parts in 1.5 release like the FL Tanks keeping that same look & feel which was of course based on the porkjet style and if I'm not wrong those new options were quite well received, these new nosecones can now be combined with their respective variants plus UVs and meshes were optimized where needed and for the porkjet ones we didn't actually removed them just kept the paneling based on the parts that usually go attached to those nosecones but mostly kept their original spirit. Different from what others could think these are not thought as one only part but as part of a whole vessel.
  4. It has a new mesh now and we made sure the end caps are 2.5 m on top and 3.75 on bottom, the grid is gone and there are new diffuse, spec, normals as well as new variants, just the image didn't make it to the post, but trust me it has changed a lot.