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  1. Aah I think I know what has happened. The game version on Curse Forge is only 1.3 whereas I have 1.4.5 So I have to wait until a new version of BDA comes out? Does anyone know when that might be?
  2. I just got KSP on Steam and I'm trying to get the BD armory mod working. I tried everything I could think of. I have Module manager installed, went to YouTube got the Physics Extender thing. The problem is that even though I see Module Manager and the parts for BD armory in the loading screen, I don't see the tabs showing the weapons. only the Weapons Manager tab that allows you to control them when attached. Can someone help me on this? Am I making a mistake somewhere? Please inform me if I need to add more info. Thanks in Advance My GameData Folder: https://imgur.com/a/j
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