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  1. Can confirm now that it works quite well in 1.6.1, just wanted to know what the current status looks like. Why not change the title to [1.6.x] ? I think scatterer works well enough on 1.6 to be considered "updated" or suitable. PS: Thanks for making this awesome mod! Can't wait to see the new updates / features!
  2. I've installed a *few...* mods a few days ago and forgot about the game since. Now I launched it up and discovered that some engines (especially the Swivel LV-45 engine) are invisible. I feel like there's a stock-replace / revamp mod but I can't find it. Modlist: Thanks in advance!
  3. This looks phenomenal! How's Fps though? I'm sure with so much detail there's going to be a lot of trouble performance wise? Don't get demotivated by negative comments, those people haven't seen the pictures yet. I mean seriously, so far it looks insane, good job! PS: Can't wait to see the sun & flare overhauled.
  4. Currently my sun flare looks like this: This is what I want to archive: Or this: How can i change the sun flare to my liking or to the one(s) seen in the images listed above?
  5. Is Scatterer still in development for 1.6? A lot of visual packs depend on mods like this or Planet Shine etc... and its sad to see them lacking behind updates. @blackrack ETA for 1.6 update?
  6. I'm currently looking for a way to read information from KSP (ingame) on my main pc and use a Raspberry Pi 3 to display the information. My main pc will play the game and I want to use my raspberry pi with 7-Segment display. I just need a way to transfer data from my pc to the pi or even simpler just aquire the data, from there I can code the Pi 3 & 7-Segment Display by myself. So how can I read information like the height, velocity etc...? I have a good portion of programming expierence in Python, C++ & Web but some to none expierence with C# which is needed for KSP.
  7. is version 1.9.1 of DOE compatible with KSP 1.4.5? The github release says 1.4.2 but I'm not sure.... But thanks for the answer, will definitely try that out.
  8. Judging by how many replies occur on this subforum, I highly doubt any replies will be coming in over the span of a month so could you redirect this post back to the original forum categ?
  9. I'm new around here so please use thin spoons instead of thick knifes ,k?. As some might have noticed, there are quite a lot of mods out there and a lot of them can completely change Kerbal Space Programm into a whole new game. Lets not do that, I want to start with something easy that will not kill my clock & circadian rhythm. The goal is to create a skybox like this one :Good looking Skybox But that would be a little bit too easy. On top of that I also want to put in an effect that will make stars fade in and out. Where do I need to start? I already have C++, C , Java and Web coding expierence but I need understand firstly how to communicate with ksp's api though I think the issue lays somewhere else since we're trying to modify visuals but what do I know. TL;DR: I want to create a skybox with stars fading in and out. Of course I could download Texture Replacer and an Andromeda 8k Skybox but what's the point of learning then? <-- Plus I want to add other visual things that are not present in any visual mods ;)