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  1. Would that be for an AV-8A or AV-8B? Because if you are making a Tarawa class it would be nice to see an AV-8A cockpit.
  2. Wow! May I ask, what size fuselage are specifically the A-3 and E-2 going to be, because they are pretty big. I would guess 1.875. Lots of things here I would of never guessed, but am super excited for (A-3, S-3, F-111). The only plane I was surprised was not on here was the A-6.
  3. Do you recommend Breaking Ground for swing wings? I used Infernal Robotics for my F-14 and it basically crashed every time I activated it in flight. Does the Breaking Ground stuff work while moving?
  4. Ooh, can't wait to fly some Harriers off of the Tarawa and Wasp! Speaking of planes and aircraft, I know that you took over Phantomworks and you plan to merge it into a larger aircraft pack of yours. Sounds exciting! Launching an E-2 Hawkeye off a Nimitz with be surreal. What plane's parts are in the pack if I may ask?
  5. I tried to do this with Minmus only, and nothing happened. There was some surface texture glitching with splotches of dark blue showing through for a second or two, but that was it. Could I see a screenshot of what Minmus is supposed to look like?
  6. That would actually be pretty cool, and allow the USS America to be a little different, and not just a copy of another ship.
  7. So does that mean that later America-Class ships are just modernized Wasp Ships?
  8. To my understanding it's a completely new design. The first 2 will not have well decks but those afterwards will have them.
  9. Wow, that's one tall list! The future of this mod is looking good! If you finish those do you plan to do a newer carriers or Amphib Assault Ships? Two that come to mind are the Gerald Ford and USS America (the modern one). I see that Queen Elizabeth on there and wondering if that's a one off on the whole modern era or if you plan to expand into more 21st century carrier designs afterwords. Edit: Better grammer
  10. @EskandareThe Hornet looks mighty fine. Do you have a complete list of the ships you plan to create. So far you have the Nimitz,, and shown off the Hornet, Wasp, and the Helicarrier. The future of this mod sounds exciting! (especially with the Eskandare Aeronautics planes flying off of them!)
  11. 1805 hours on Steam. I need to get a life.
  12. I agree. It should be to scale of the jets flying off of them.
  13. @Stone Blue Sorry, I'm rather new to this forum, still learning. Thank you for actually being polite and helpful, unlike others on the KSP forum that just like to put new people down.
  14. When could we see this update? Are you talkin in weeks or months?