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  1. Hotdiggitydog

    how many hours do you have

    1805 hours on Steam. I need to get a life.
  2. Hotdiggitydog

    [1.3.1] Carrier Vessel Expansion (CVX) [ver 0.13.1]

    I agree. It should be to scale of the jets flying off of them.
  3. Hotdiggitydog

    [1.2.1]Arkas: Development Edition

    @Stone Blue Sorry, I'm rather new to this forum, still learning. Thank you for actually being polite and helpful, unlike others on the KSP forum that just like to put new people down.
  4. Hotdiggitydog

    [1.2.1]Arkas: Development Edition

    When could we see this update? Are you talkin in weeks or months?
  5. Hotdiggitydog

    [1.2.1]Arkas: Development Edition

    Top ten anime comebacks of all time: Arkas coming back?!?
  6. Hotdiggitydog

    [1.2.1]Arkas: Development Edition

    I wish, but seeing how the last update was for 1.2.1, and that The White Guardian only took it on in the absence of the OG dev, I find it unlikely it will get an update.
  7. Hotdiggitydog

    [1.2.1]Arkas: Development Edition

    That's all I need. If it doesn't work with visual mods I can't bring myself to install it. I wish this got an update, I miss it.
  8. Hotdiggitydog

    What Is Your Naming Theme For Your Spacecraft?

    The funniest thing is that I'm the exact same. I have 1718 hours in KSP and have never got to Duna or Eve completely legit. It's not like I couldn't do it, it's just that I get board half way though planning it and it always gets scrapped. Maybe it's because I usually dream too big (sending a half dozen cargo rockets ahead of the crew, like in the "Martian"). In my defense, I have sent about a hundred missions to the moon, made bases on Minimus, and had about 2 dozen space stations though, so I'm no noob. I assume "Deep Purple" is heading to Eve? An airship on Eve would be awesome. It's like NASA's HAVOC plan for Venus.
  9. Hotdiggitydog

    [1.2.1]Arkas: Development Edition

    I apologize for necroing this thread, but does this still work on the newest updates? Like 1.7? I used to always play with this mod back in the day, and want to add it in, but I'm afraid it might corrupt something. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hotdiggitydog

    What Is Your Naming Theme For Your Spacecraft?

    Well that is... something else. Very cool. I love Soyman for Soyuz . Also, what if you are doing an apollo style mission (lets say duna). Would the whole spacecraft be called Duna Scraper, or would only the lander be called that and would the orbital module be Duna Streak?
  11. I usually go with Greek gods and other ancient mythologies for rocket and/or spacecraft names. Here are some: - Artemis II Heavy Rocket - Osiris IV Medium Rocket - Hercules Crew Pod - Phoenix Mun Lander - Icarus Rescue Capsule - Atlas Duna Landing Vehicle - Capricorn Eve Ascent Rocket Anybody got something better? I'd like to hear them.
  12. Is there any date which it will be fixed? I need to decide whether to revert to 1.6.1 or stay and wait for this to be fixed.
  13. Anyone else having the issue that the Expandable Habitat, Laboratory, and the Greenhouse do not have the option of deploying. They are just always tucked in. Playing on 1.7 by the way.
  14. Hotdiggitydog

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    It seems to only happens in seems 1 in 10 times, but it's not a risk i'm willing to take, considering it takes 20 mins for KSP to start up with all the mods I have.
  15. Hotdiggitydog

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    I don't know if this was already brought up deep inside this forum, but my game is having a problem when using IR parts. I'm using hinges to make a folding ramp for my lunar lander, but when I time warp, the ramp falls with gravity and then the game turns black until I restart KSP. My only options is to either not use time warp (not happening), or not use the parts. Any idea what this could be?