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  1. Might I suggest putting the command seat and one control surface on the tier-1 nodes so that GAP contracts can fire it's starter contracts as per their description: "The Wright Aeronautical: Build and fly your first glider! contract will appear when you've acquired a Command Seat, and any flying control surfaces." This way you can also be starting your budding aeronautical path as well.Thanks.
  2. It looks like I am getting the same scattering effect covering my ship while in orbit with the latest update with the z-fighting fix.
  3. Hi , I notice that in DockingPort.cfg the module is already named ELLaunchpad in the 1.4.4 version of Simple Construction.
  4. thetaprime


    So this looks to be an interesting part mod and , but it doesn't appear that there any contracts installed with this. If this is the case, would unmanned contracts be a good compliment to this mod? I love the unmanned before manned mod and the SETI unmanned contracts, but the sounding rockets concept seems a lot more fun.