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  1. Today I learned just how much people don't like those neck rings. But in all seriousness, this is a very simple but nice feature! Having kerbals be affected by a lack of oxygen is a good feature too. I am curious to know what happens when one removes a kerbal's helmet in non-Kerbin atmospheres like Eve, Duna, or Laythe.
  2. It would be very cool if Kerbals who pass or stand close to each other could give each other a sort of acknowledgement, maybe like turning to glance at each other, or having a brief chat.
  3. They don't have bellybuttons (According to the now gone Kerbalizer) so they probably lay eggs. But I think the Kerman family come from cloning labs.
  4. Ah looks like I downloaded this one less than a day before it updated! Haha, well, that's not a problem. I have a suggestion, and I don't know how possible it is to implement it, but it has always bothered me how kerbals who get into physical accidents on EVA either die immediately or are completely unscathed (Or turn into spaghetti...). Perhaps an interesting mechanic would be for kerbals to become injured by collisions that are very fast/hard but not enough to kill them? For example, if a kerbal jumps out of a flying vehicle (not recommended) and lands on the ground, they might not die by the game's mechanics but a fall like that would surely injure someone in real life. Maybe collisions at a certain speed will injure them, like how parts break at certain collision speeds. As for what happens to the injured kerbal on EVA, I am not sure. Realistically they would not be able to move and would be stuck in a limp, ragdoll state, but I don't know what method could be used to get them back to safety in such a case.
  5. Last night I had a dream that a kerbal on one of my Kerbin bases was very sick with an infectious illness, and I was in a panic trying to get a medical bay module attached so I could treat him before he died or infected the other kerbals. I did a quick search and found this mod; now I can make my dream come true. Thanks, Garwel!
  6. Up to a minute? Lucky. It takes at least five minutes to get back to the main menu on my trash machine. Even longer for the game to actually quit and close down the normal way, for some reason. Sometimes (often) I just get frustrated and close the game through task manager.
  7. This is hilarious to imagine happening in real life. Like, NASA sends a rocket to the moon and then halfway through the mission one of the folks in mission control is like "Oh no we forgot to put the astronauts in it!"
  8. The more courageous kerbals will appear happy more often than frightened, while the stupid ones supposedly react happily to their vessel spinning. I haven't really tested it so I am not sure. What I am very curious about it the specific circumstances that affect whether a kerbal is more likely to be happy or upset. I recall Bob frowning while seated in a rover that was going slightly too fast for his liking, but he seems very happy when in orbit or landed on other planets. I've noticed also in a lot of videos that kerbals seem to get really scared in fast-flying planes. In my own gameplay experience, less courageous kerbals will become frightened at the beginning of takeoff, but calm down soon after. All kerbals seem to really enjoy re-entry for some reason. As for the legendary 'BadS' kerbals, they will be either neutral or happy (usually the latter) in any given situation, except when a part of the vessel explodes, or they fall unconscious due to excessive G-forces. I know that lesser known fact because in my early gameplay hours I sent Valentina Kerman on a very steep suborbital hop that knocked her unconscious when her vessel hit the lower atmosphere. The crew icon turned to static, but I had the interior overlay turned on and I saw her looking rather unhappy in her seat when she G-LOC'd. Since the BadS trait is hidden, you can only check if a kerbal has it by opening the persistent.sfs file in a text viewer. The main 'symptom' of this trait is a kerbal who seems consistently gleeful in dangerous situations despite their low courage value.
  9. USI Life Support or MKS (I cannot remember exactly which one it was) gives kerbals habitation and homesickness timers. Depending on the facilities and amount of habitation space on the base/station, they won't want to be there for more than a certain amount of time. I guess that sort of counts as an incentive.
  10. I certainly hope you all evacuated your kerbals out of your stations before de-orbiting them.
  11. Just dropping by to say that this tool has been very, very useful in play-testing Making History missions! Since cheats are disabled in mission testing, it is great to have a tool that allows me to teleport my vessels to their destination and refill resources at will. It takes a lot of the tedium and frustration out of the testing process.
  12. Ah, so I'm not the only one who keeps getting those notifications. Last night I gave my first WIP mission to @DjPreside to play-test. Turns out that one of the vessels that was meant to spawn failed to do so, and one of the objective routes was completely broken! Today I'm going to try to fix these errors. Perhaps I'll see about getting HyperEdit to make the play-testing process much less tedious.
  13. 15fps? That'd be tolerable for me. I sometimes get much, much worse performance on my machine, haha!
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