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  1. Hi everyone.I was playing on a horrible laptop for a while.And now, i built a PC.It has RTX 2060, 6-core Ryzen 5 2600 ,16 gigs of ram.I imagined i can play Astronomer's Visual Pack on 60fps.But even i lowered the settings i can't even get 30fps.Is it because of my system's weakness,or just i made something wrong? Thanks for the help.
  2. Hi sir! I love your skyboxes. May i want something? I have found an cool looking galax(ies) in SpaceEngine. Can you look at Arp 275? Its really cool looking. I think people would like it. I think a skybox from RC 4188 cluster would look good.
  3. So,if the Kerbol is died;why don't planets orbit Destiny far away?
  4. Okay. I can make it myself. Its not too hard.
  5. Don't you know scatterer is too laggy?
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