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  1. Hi everyone.I was playing on a horrible laptop for a while.And now, i built a PC.It has RTX 2060, 6-core Ryzen 5 2600 ,16 gigs of ram.I imagined i can play Astronomer's Visual Pack on 60fps.But even i lowered the settings i can't even get 30fps.Is it because of my system's weakness,or just i made something wrong? Thanks for the help.
  2. Hi sir! I love your skyboxes. May i want something? I have found an cool looking galax(ies) in SpaceEngine. Can you look at Arp 275? Its really cool looking. I think people would like it. I think a skybox from RC 4188 cluster would look good.
  3. So,if the Kerbol is died;why don't planets orbit Destiny far away?
  4. Okay. I can make it myself. Its not too hard.
  5. Don't you know scatterer is too laggy?
  6. Thats so cool! But can you add glow layers to atmospheric planets to reflect scatterer? And FlareReplacer config maybe?
  7. AYYYYY RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!!! WAIT ME BEAUTY, GOODBYE RAM! (dont worry i have 12gb)
  8. Thats a weird question. But, lets say i want to upload a screenshot here, but how?
  9. FBI on the tail of the Gameslinx.Becuz he beated Squad.
  10. So, REALLY like it. But i think the stock Terrier is MUCH better. What can i do to keep stock parts?
  11. Scatterer? Forget it. Clouds are enough for me. Maybe i add glow layer.
  12. Whoa! There is nothing to worry! (Stock KSP beaten by Gameslinx?) Wait me beauty!!! But i have gt 650m.It can run SVE is this enough?
  13. UhhHHhhmmMmmm sorry! I generally dont read post that didnt notificated from Gmail. Sorry.
  14. Sorry for this question,but when we can play this? I completed stock game for several times (so i bored) and i want to play KSP soooo hard. Btw its the best planet pack i have ever seen. [Sorry Galileo :(]
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