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    Realism in Stock KSP

    Limited engine ignitions
  2. Realism overhaul is nice but I wish it was stock and I want to find out how many would like it in Stock
  3. @AlphaMensae there is bug on the v2 builds the falcon 9 strongback does not have the crew varient
  4. Super neat @SQUAD!!!!!!! Thank you for the news!!!
  5. Nigel Cardozo

    Realism in Stock KSP

    What is missing from stock ksp
  6. Nigel Cardozo

    Out of curiosity, what's your craft naming scheme?

    Stellar according to the varients of the rocket
  7. Nigel Cardozo

    Black Space Center

    Ok I fixed it sorry for all the trouble.
  8. My KSC is Black. Please Help.. pictures
  9. Hi my KSP 1.2.2 copy crashes almost all the time. I am using RO and RSS my logs are here: error log: KSP.log: output_log.txt: Help will be really appreciated. Thanks in Advance. By the way, I am using the 64bit Version.
  10. It working finally thanks guys
  11. The crash is fixed but there is one problem. I fixed the crash by removing mechjeb latest dev build and putting the 1.2.2 version. There is one problem, while loading the squad engine folder, it pauses the loading but it responds.
  12. That was asked by me and i didn't work sorry..
  13. Nigel Cardozo

    JoolTube: 210 Years of RAILROAD HISTORY

    So realistic.!!!!!!!!! WOW
  14. The navball throttle and g force indicaters are in chinese
  15. Please help Did I mention that I was using Windows 7 64bit And the gamedata is only 2.73 GB full
  16. New plumes and revamps look great.!!!!!
  17. No I don't like the stock texture switcher for ro rss
  18. 1.3.1 has a language problem
  19. @Phineas Freak what else was causing those crashes? Thank you for the help in figuring that out.