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  1. No wonder the release title was named as 'Some Reassembly Required'
  2. Could you please try the latest version of the mod? Using the latest version of RasterPropMonitor? Let me just check
  3. Version 1.0.1 Removed the accidentally included Source Code of CollisionFX. (Thank You @ValiZockt)Removed the old version of RasterPropMonitor that was bundled along with the mod. It is now required as a dependency. The link to it can be found here:
  4. Reserved for Changelog Archive You can now post freely
  5. Angara @DECQhas given me his blessings to continue this wonderful mod! Thanks! Description This Mod aims to the recreate the Russian Angara Rocket in Kerbal Space Program. The original thread is linked below Pictures (open spoiler below) Download: Licence: MIT Credits: @DECQ: Original Author @Dragon01 : Original Author @MoNsTroo @kerbinorbiter @Cerberus
  6. It has them already. Maybe they need small tweaks here and there
  7. Greetings everyone, I have just released the new and adopted Soyuz mod on Spacedock. The link to the forum post is mentioned below: Thanks
  8. Chagelog archive v1.0: Adopted mod. Fixed most of the part labelling.
  9. Current Changelog v1.0: Adopted mod. Fixed most of the part labelling.
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