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  1. Yeah. We want a clean and polished release. Take your time @damonvv We all can wait. I know that no one will mind.
  2. Do NOT use force OpenGL for the application. That may be the main reason. Please try it and report back.
  3. Does this issue takr place with the KSP x64 application? What KSP version do you use?
  4. Wait what! I really didn't test it as.....: This happened.................... Probably it will work when Tweakscale is updated. Hopefully™
  5. Version 0..7 released! Changes: Recompiled for KSP 1.8 ENJOY!!!!!!
  6. I have the same issue and I don't have any mods yet. We need a fix quick! @SQUAD help us please.
  7. Today is my birthday! 

    1. GRS


      Congrats !!!

      3 Days afterwards will be my Birthday...

    2. Nigel J. Cardozo

      Nigel J. Cardozo

      Wait... What! So it is on 8th? Great!

    3. GRS
  8. This is a stock craft Same over here This is the Space Shuttle from Comorant, the launch platform is from Modular Launch Pads and the location is launch pad 35A using Tundra Space Center This is the Falcon 9 from the Tundra Exploration mod with Kerbal Size Real Solar System Another picture of my stock aircraft Thank you!
  9. You will surely have a nice time over here we promise
  10. Sorry but I had already posted an article on it