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  1. Someone please timewarp to the release. I still didn't understand how to use the controller. Could someone please explain it to me?
  2. (Nigel carm down don't get super super super super super super hype!!!) Yeah SQUAD that's the way!!! Sorry I ran out of like today
  3. @jrodriguez what ACTUALLY happens when you you Physics Range Extender and World Stabilizer? Since my craft jumps 1000km above the ground on launch.
  4. What changes did you make @Kernowden Kerbin?
  5. @Lisias I guess you have to maintain this mod till September. Due to some extended problem. Sorry @Lisias
  6. Who knows?? The only way to find out is to buy the DLC on 30th of May 2019!!! And play with it..... (Obviously)
  7. But what can we do to stop a plane from jumping to about 1000km?
  8. Same here. Try using the world stabilizer mod.
  9. Coooooool!!!!! Now SQUAD great job!!!!!!! You made me hype for the DLC!!!!
  10. Ok???? But surely he doesn't know where I live!!!
  11. Oh.... I didn't notice that!!! Nice mod though.