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  1. Wow! Thats a nice picture of the eclipse
  2. I wish that we all survive the dreadful pandemic
  3. 10/10 started to notice that you are around
  4. We will soon turn into steam engines
  5. Venting some heat from a heated forum argument. Why! Why are things so hard to explain! The new quarantine trend
  6. And I have 4 Gigs of RAM And the game runs smoothly With about 20 mods By luck
  7. . That was a typo @mcwaffles2003define what you really mean Look at the poll. The poll speaks for itself
  8. We wouldn't get a good amount of laughter from Danny2462 if there were no kerbals
  9. I would say kerbals are virtually the topping of the cake. Without them the game would be worthless
  10. How about an Apollo style mission? Does a probe simulate that 'just fine'?
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