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  1. because it doesn't like the grass speaking of grass, why does grass taste like grass
  2. I mean as in, someone crashed into our car I really shouldn't turn this into a thread about personal issues, so lets talk about space station names again.
  3. I don't play with Mods. I think I'll just colonize the system instead. P.S What a mom just got rear ended. as in, someone crashed into our vehicle
  4. Outdated information! I just returned from Vall, and finished the Tech Tree! Now what?
  5. I'm back with another station! This time it's headed for Laythe orbit to expand my Jool presence. I landed on Vall with Val yesterday and Vall is a very interesting moon. This has been noted. I need a name for my Laythe station, It's a science station with 1 Lab, 2 Inflatable airlocks. One will be used for docking and the other will be used for EVA. It has a cupola. Other than the Lab and Cupola, there's nowhere else in the station. It has an RA100 Relay Antenna and an extra Clamp-O-Tron docking port in case I decide to expand. P.S: If there's any suggestions for a ship to get my crew there, I'd like some. I've never actually returned from Jool before.
  6. I haven't killed any Kerbals yet. Are you telling me to murder an innocent Kerbal just to name my next Space Station!?
  7. I want something that sounds...rather Kerbal.
  8. Quick! I need to make a Mun Station but I don't have any good name ideas. Here are my current ones which I am unsure of: -Untitled Space Station -Space Station -Mun Space Station -Minmus Space Station
  9. Calling 911 becuase the creator of this thread (thats me) hasn't commented on this for how many months again?
  10. Fidelford McKerman was one of the first kerbals to explode the interstellar areas, and also the first interstellar rescue. His mission brought him to Planet 5657A, to rescue Ryley Kerman. During the descent into the atmosphere, a laser fired at his ship. He didn't have enough time (or fuel) to evade. He exploded and according to the recently rescued Ryley Kerman, It was epic. Idiot Kerman: fell 1 centimeter.
  11. Calling 911 becuase your Duna Rocket is taking 272 days to get to Duna, And your stuck in a tiny Mk1 Command pod! Jeb: HELP! SuperMiiBrother: JEB GET OFF MY ACCOUNT Jeb: NO I DEMAND BETTER LIVING SPACE SYSTEM: Sorry, that tech is not yet available. Would you like to try: Mk 1 Command Pod? Jeb: -explosion sound- SYSTEM: Connection lost. SuperMiiBrother: my money...
  12. Calling 911 because you were too stupid and little to remember what 911 meant. (based on a true story that happened around 10-11 years ago.)
  13. Whenever I deploy a fairing, Any rover wheels inside the fairing are destroyed for some reason. In my recent design the rear wheels kept popping so I kept rebuilding the fairing and trying again. At some point I finally gave up and launched without a fairing. I managed to still get my rover to it's destination, However I'm planning to send a much larger rover later on. I can't keep having my wheels popped without any engineers ready to repair, My current engineers aren't even high enough level to repair wheels!
  14. OOOOOOOH!!! I get it...Kerbin is round...From our perspective. We go up, Still round. But lets take it to the being that's higher up than us...The ''Player'' This being controls everything we do, The myth says it uses a thing called a ''Computer'' The Computer looks similar to our Specialized Screen Devices! Specialized Screen Devices show something in 2D. If it's the same, Then that means that despite Kerbin looking round, It's actually flat!