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  1. Calling 911 becuase your Duna Rocket is taking 272 days to get to Duna, And your stuck in a tiny Mk1 Command pod! Jeb: HELP! SuperMiiBrother: JEB GET OFF MY ACCOUNT Jeb: NO I DEMAND BETTER LIVING SPACE SYSTEM: Sorry, that tech is not yet available. Would you like to try: Mk 1 Command Pod? Jeb: -explosion sound- SYSTEM: Connection lost. SuperMiiBrother: my money...
  2. Calling 911 because you were too stupid and little to remember what 911 meant. (based on a true story that happened around 10-11 years ago.)
  3. Whenever I deploy a fairing, Any rover wheels inside the fairing are destroyed for some reason. In my recent design the rear wheels kept popping so I kept rebuilding the fairing and trying again. At some point I finally gave up and launched without a fairing. I managed to still get my rover to it's destination, However I'm planning to send a much larger rover later on. I can't keep having my wheels popped without any engineers ready to repair, My current engineers aren't even high enough level to repair wheels!
  4. OOOOOOOH!!! I get it...Kerbin is round...From our perspective. We go up, Still round. But lets take it to the being that's higher up than us...The ''Player'' This being controls everything we do, The myth says it uses a thing called a ''Computer'' The Computer looks similar to our Specialized Screen Devices! Specialized Screen Devices show something in 2D. If it's the same, Then that means that despite Kerbin looking round, It's actually flat!
  5. I live on Minmus. Flat Minmus Society, Not flat Kerbin Society!
  6. Kerbin isn't flat, But do you know what is flat? Minmus!
  7. Having another perfectly successful mission, This time a Mun mission getting lots of juicy SCIENCE!!!, Only to land on a mountain. Did I forget to mention I was using a KV-2 Pea? Correction: Rolled down a mountain and died with the science.
  8. If you have breaking ground, You may have noticed that the Experiment Control Station makes a beep every few seconds. I felt like I heard that beep somewhere, And searched Sputnik 1 beeping. It sounds nearly the same but faster than the Experiment Control Station! Time for a stupid theory that's a joke and wouldn't be true at all! After the soviets lost contact with Sputnik 1, The Kerbals took it and years later managed to repurpose it's parts for the Experiment Control Station! IT'S GOTTA BE THE TRUTH, DUH!
  9. is the earth not flat making it round which makes it flat so now its flat but really flat and its not flat enough so flat
  10. Today I got cut by glass. On a sadder note, A few months ago back on February 20th my dad had a heart attack...He didn' make it. My life has done multiple 360s and I don't know whats next.
  11. My plan for world domination is wait for a total nuclear war, Then we'll all die and I can rule the world! Wait a minute...
  12. I should have mentioned I got 3 small cuts on 3 fingers.