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  1. HEY
    I'm looking for a (small) dev team for the future modding endeavors I'll be doing.
    I will need:
    - A coder
    - Someone familiar with submods like Parallax (2) and the visual packs + clouds
    - Someone to help with publicity on the mod itself

    I'll be giving details when/if I get a full team going!
    DM me on discord at halley but slightly scary#6969 if youre interested!

  2. An Update on What is to Come

    Hello everyone, it's Halley! I've got a plan laid out to get back into the KSP modding community- planet modding specifically. I'm going to be refreshing my skills on planetary creation and modding so I can properly get back to work! Hope to see y'all around again soon!

  3. its great to see another gal (back in/still in) the KSP modding community!! im not sure if you remember me (formerly noah the smol, used to be extraordinarily irritating) but im so happy to see that whirligig still works and you're still doing well!
  4. i'd like to simply change mine to "halleyyy", my current alias is one i used like years ago and i would like to move on from it
    well i'm 18 but not the first part

    my discord is halley#6969 (so mature i know) and i am gonna try and get BACK IN THE SWING OF THINGS in terms of KSP modding >:)

  6. there may be a small chance i come back to this community but like i dont believe i am wanted here

  7. can it truly be? another latula pyrope enjoyer?

  8. god im glad i quit ksp modding- i recognize now i used to be a toxic and annoying person and i am very very sorry to those who had to deal with me. you can talk to me at @nebbie#0001 on Discord if you still want to talk to me-- I appreciate everyone who managed to get through my constant 'ideas' and never-finished planet packs.

  9. Wugh... school is a <WORD THAT SHALL NOT BE SAID ON THE FORUMS>. Progress has been *TERRIBLY* slow.
  10. thank you very much for this, ill take it into account in the new YHNYC revival! :3
  11. Currently, concept art for planets is WIP. I do not know if I'll use proper textures or not.
  12. this is still in development!!! work is getting done albeit slower due to school
  13. so i MAY OR MAY NOT be working on a collab mod with @Gjaspar... those who are in his discord know what i mean ;)

  14. This course is sadly like $45 USD and therefore i dont think it would be very beneficial unless we somehow got a free copy. (/shrug)
  15. ...What in the actual heck is "vaporware"? It's just a scam to sell more rocket parts.
  16. Hello everyone! This is the new thread for my *HEAVILY* WIP Kopernicus mod: You're Hot 'N You're Cold This mod, as of this edit, has been COMPLETELY restructured. YHNYC aims to add in new and unique worlds to challenge your spaceflight technologies, reaching absurdly close AND far distances from Kerbol. There will not be an absurd amount of objects as originally planned, only a few overall. Object Concept List Below: ALERT! CRUDDY CONCEPT ART BELOW THIS LINE. --------------
  17. Æ, sorry for the inactivity. May or may not be working on something for once :3

  18. Hello Kerbonauts. I see you have found your way here. Welcome to NTSP2, or Noah the Smol's Planet Pack. This is a heavily indev pack adding 3 planets, 1 dwarf planet, and 9 moons. It currently only uses Kopernicus and KittopiaTech for the mod, but compatibilities and actual test builds will come soon. The NTSPP first draft is now out, including only Daki. Test it out and give me some feedback! Object list is here: All scale is measured in this way: Mini: 0.01> Nano: 0.01-0.1 Micro: 0.1-0.5 No Prefix: 0.5-1.5 Super: 1.5-5.0 Mega: 5.0-10.0 Ultra: 10.0-30.0 Hyper: 30.0< Noah The Smol’s Planet Pack Planets centered around Kerbol. Kerbol Moho Daki- new moon for Moho. Very dull brown, a Micro-Mun. Eve Kerbin Ettren- new ice giant between Kerbin and Duna. Technically an Ultra-Kerbin. Deep red near poles fades to more orange and tan near equator. Eynen- Super-Gilly, pale pink, orbits quite close to Ettren to the point where halving its orbit would place it within the Roche limit. Yurref- Munlike, about three times Eynen’s distance. Very slight pale teal with a very thin set of rings close to the surface. Werron- Super-Mun, 4/3x Yurref’s orbit, pale red with lots of very prominent, small craters. Looks almost like red cheese. Duna Dres Tirnitt- Haumealike object, Dreslike in size, darker purple near equator than near poles, no rings, one moon. Rennios- Gillylike, very deep cobalt blue, from the actual cobalt on its surface. Jool Teddest- Super-Jool, mild blues and greens colour range. Thin rings. Griessk- Minmuslike, mild purple. Ilnur- Micro-Mun, deep yellow and red from major sulfur stains due to volcanoes Uljinn- Dunalike, except it’s a pale green due to strange surface chemicals. Covered with shallow, yellow craters Eeloo Yttrel- Hyper-Kerbin, though technically a gas giant. It is a pale purple with a small blue polar storm. Enmir- Yttrel’s only moon, it is a Nano-Mun covered in shallow craters, overall a very dull blue.
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