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  1. Part 3 : Nova Kirbani B Introduction : Cail: Syro: Thank you ! I think it is because of Blalo, a planet which looks very similar to Kerbin aside its enormous impact. The system is inspired from Alpha Centauri in reality
  2. @Geschosskopf, Thank you for your kind comment, normally I should be done by this evening, since I have prepared the text and the screenshot for the two other parts. It is not a very long report, but I have spiced the last part a bit Regarding the music, I envisioned it as a transition, when the probe is alone in the dark during interstellar travelling. Your advice will be very useful for the last system however since I have more music to suit the ambiance
  3. I'd like to [email protected] with @TheSpacePotato for the amazing work they delivered in this mod and lore, as well as @JadeOfMaar for the engines he created at this occasion Preliminary notes: Dear readers, this is my very first mission report. My ship is basic in terms of design, and lacked communication for maneuver nodes. I played in sandbox with by default normal difficulty setting. To date, I can confirm this was probably my longest mission ever performed. Also, I am not an English native writer, please let me know if there are any problems regarding orthographic/semantic qual
  4. @StarCrusher96, thank you for this confirmation, next time I'll come back with some screenshots
  5. I realized I was speaking of challenges relatively to interplanetary scale since I thought that there would be a plugin to relocate KSC on Blalo... Well if not the case I think I may try to code one for myself (although many parameters like contracts have to be changed I guess). Just let me know if it is acceptable or not
  6. @StarCrusher96 And a moonlet too, thank you ! The hardest mission I did was to land on brovo and back in GEP primary, but I think I will find some good challenge there
  7. Hello, it looks very promising, I really appreciate the fact that you started with the Alpha/Proxima Centauri equivalent, not too many planets and at the same time a lot of diversity. I wanted to ask some information about those bodies (the missing names and general physical properties like gravity, diameter and atmosphere), but I suppose it is better to wait for the release. By advance, thank you for this new high quality planet pack .
  8. I did the same on my side for all of the OPM bodies, with exception of atmospheric ones. Also in Gamedata/StockVisualEnhancements/SVE_Scatterer/planetsList.cfg, I added Slate as eclipse caster to Tekto and set Urlum cloud integration to True instead of false. It turned out quite similar in appearance to Neidon, but it looks nice to watch; however it is by no mean a change/update suggestion. Here are the results : On another point, I like a lot the new and very wild appearance of Tekto as well as the "Coffee Thatmo" (not shown to not spoil). Now I guess I will move from GPP to Stoc
  9. Haha no, Augustus is good as it is (we have Tarsiss). Thank you for explaining me how the mod evolved, originally I wanted to reuse old Hadrian for myself to customize GPP and/or ask for authorization to maybe in the future reuse it as a quality reference to build one or two planets. But : - first I realized it would not be respectful for you as you spent a lot of time to make it - second I have a fair idea of how long it takes to make a decent planet pack with visuals and I am not sure to have enough time and motivation for that Anyway, thank you again for taking time to reply,
  10. @OhioBobThank you for reminding me these reasons. I felt a little bit confused as in French specific gravity is directly assigned to density. Concerning Hadrian's old version, I was also considering it as a possible reference to maybe start modding planets (in the case it happens I will send you a message before to ask for authorization and advice concerning the realism about it).
  11. @OhioBob, thank you for your kind reply, I did not know about Sigma cartographer. I was wondering about depth as I have been quite surprised to see how deep lakes were when looking at Tarsiss. I also liked the way you have tweaked liquid properties so that even a Kerbal can sink.
  12. Hello I am new on the forum. Just here to say thank you Galileo and all modders who spent their time to build this amazing mod. Of the several planet packs I have tested, this is probably the one I enjoyed the most so far. I have also a few remarks/questions to note : - although I have a 8GB RAM laptop with an i7 7700 HQ, GPP with its visuals seems to run somewhat smoother than Stock + OPM including scatterer and SVE at some moments in KSP 1.4.5. - just out of Curiosity, if someone has a tab listing lowest and highest points of celestial bodies in this mod (maybe to try to make a s
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