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  1. BlueVapor1234

    JoolTube: Kerbin Attacks!

  2. BlueVapor1234

    How Much Time Have You Spent Playing KSP?

    I don't know, I have the direct download.
  3. BlueVapor1234

    Automated Forum Birthday Well Wishes Email

    Never even heard of that.
  4. BlueVapor1234

    Uncontrollable spinning

    I have never experienced that in 1.4.5, So I don't know what to say. I also am in 1.5.1 so I probably won't have that problem.
  5. BlueVapor1234

    Gyro Plane Shares!

    This be lonely
  6. How many posts do I need to get promoted?

    1. The_Cat_In_Space


      You gotta do posts on any forum except The Lounge, and status updates, messages, and status replies do not count. 

      I know that I require 1500 posts to reach 5 dots (AKA transcending this plane of existence)

  7. Got the expansion on sale. Horray!

  8. Postin like mad!

    1. BlueVapor1234


      Rip posts 2018-2018

  9. BlueVapor1234

    Gyro Plane Shares!

    Post your remakes or different types of Gyro planes here! Please use this link for the plane: Got the link right
  10. If I post more do I get another dot?


    Stop reading

    Im serious



  11. I figured out how to make it work after looking on and installed the Config.
  12. OH, then I must have downloaded the previous and didn't update it.