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  1. I'm glad you're enjoying it! I actually try very hard to prevent that situation, as without a pad the ship would just fall over. You could try a manual de-orbit burn and only then press "Land". I'm not sure how the last version deals exactly with that situation, but I'm thinking maybe that avoids the checking of the landing site's elevation. Otherwise you'd need to move your pad to a flatter location. It's a feature I'd very much like to be an option, as a new user might turn it off unknowingly and then fall over after landing. Any bugs you experienced? In a future big update I'll have some improvements ready.
  2. I've been playing around with making an IVA, which is gonna take a while before it will be ready. It still has a big bug that happens during launch after switching back from the booster, the IVA view gets stuck until you reload the scene. So that's gotta be fixed, with a lot more.. A Work In Progress without any tables on the inside (also no screenshots with metal; TU not installed atm): It has six simple sleeping cabins (needs posters and a little table): I have already managed to make some window views: Time for Launch, and a cool selfie of Jeb with Bill and Val (if only I could figure out IVA lighting): So dark, but stars: Finally, orbit: So yeah, this is gonna take a little while longer..
  3. I've got some changes again, and I think I'll take a little break from all the work (fun): In the latest update I added support for all the main launch sites on Kerbin. Some work was needed to allow launches and landings on Woomerang and the Dessert Launch Site, and adding new launch sites are more simple now as well (although the coordinates have to be hard coded, in case of communication loss). I had to make many fixes to allow steady landings on the launch sites as well, and I corrected the landing offsets for the Ship, as I found that they were just wrong, and caused over/undershoots of the landing zone/mechazilla which the ship had trouble correcting. Expect smoother landings/catches. The Interface also warns you now if the inclination you launch to is impossible BEFORE launching, haha. I was able to get 'Configurable Containers' and 'AnimatedAttachment' out of the "NO GO" mod list. For CC I just excluded them from my patch, as they mess with the fuel. And for AnimatedAttachment, after I found a workaround to find the right parts, it still disconnects the auto-struts causing the booster and ship to fall over before launch. This I fixed by modifying the .craft files to allow the mechazilla and the front flaps to enable 'same vessel interaction', thereby holding the full stack upright.. So for now the only mods that I know it doesn't work with are RSS/RO. I'd like to know if there are other mods that break stuff, as I don't feel like manually downloading each one. Let me know if you have any problems (but do provide details)!
  4. Then I think the script must have encountered some kind of error. Latest at 2000m it should set the throttle. Did you hear this kind of crashing sound? Please provide a screenshot of the booster cpu (as described above) during final descent so I can check what's bothering the script. If it runs okay it should say so in its terminal.
  5. Is it reproducible, or a one time event? If so, could you check to see that the booster has enough fuel, and if the boosters kOS module has crashed (open the cpu in the kOS window on the righthand side)? Also after checking those, did the throttle go up, or stay at 0?
  6. By now I'm becoming the spam of this forum post Here's another something I have been working on: Launching to a chosen inclination! This was one of the main requirements before I could even think of starting to work on adding RSS/RO compatibility. Mandatory gifs: Time to change those heat-tiles : EDIT: Here another Booster catch from a 15 degree inclination. I love the rotation just before the catch:
  7. The most important Information for usage can be found on the Github page (click the signature below this post, or https://github.com/Janus1992/KSP_Starship-kOS-Interface). I think most peoples issues will stem from using mods that I list as incompatible, and not using the provided .craft files (if you have stock ships enabled in your savegame, that's where they should show up). Or is there anything missing that you think I should add, or want me to add? I will consider CKAN for the future, but first I want to know a bit more about CKAN and see how it works, as I have no experience with it. Then I need to find the time and a lack of things to fix/change in the Interface
  8. I did some automated heavy lifting:
  9. Fun little gif of an automated starship launch:
  10. Pretty high on my to do list was to improve booster catch reliability. People were reporting that they had boosters not landing accurately already for some time, and I may have finally found a solid fix for that: The fix mainly consists of using the Trajectories mod during the boostback burn. For this the Booster needs to be in focus, which was never the issue. But sometimes (1 out of 5 times or so) KSP messes things up and it unloads the Starship continuing to orbit which always caused me mayhem, but no longer! In the video below you can see on of such cases where it reloads the scene upon changing back to Starship. But now Starship will succesfully continue to finish its launch into orbit and the booster will also still continue back down to the tower. I also made the flying behaviour of the booster a bit more reliable and smooth (lateral errors where a bit unstable), and the result is quite satisfying. The goal was to make Boosters more reliable for people running different setups and computer speeds. I hope that this will work out that way. If you happen to download my latest version (recover all your old ships first, for reasons I will explain below!!), let me know if things are working reliably or if there are issues that pop up (due to computer and setup differences)! You'll need to recover any old ships with the Interface already installed due to the following (I think useful) addition: I added another CPU in the front part of Starship that monitors the Interface, and in case of a crash this CPU will restart the Interface automatically. This should help getting the Interface back up quickly in critical moments where an unexpected error may (but should not) occur.
  11. Two things are important for QD to QD docking with this mod: - You need to disable these pipeline covers or whatever they are named, as they get in the way of the QD docking port. - You need to set the docking to QD to QD from the AFT section of the ship I think. Then it should be working!
  12. I've been working on some updates in the meanwhile! Mostly I'm cleaning up, or improving existing code (behaviour while docked, duna landings, overall reliability, etc), but I'm excited for this new feature: Automatic de-orbit & landings on moons. I've so far only tested it on Mun and Ike, but soon I'll also test it for Minmus and Gilly. You can choose to either de-orbit automatically at any given location (reachable within your inclination or slightly beyond) or just land straight from a self selected suborbital track (if you panic). I'm still fishing out many bugs, so behaviour may change. Getting back to Kerbin (after a manual launch) was easy using the circularize-at-apoapsis maneuver I built in, and thereafter making a maneuver node, which I can also execute automatically (Execute custom burn option). Thereafter get close to kerbin and activate the re-entry program, of which you see the last few minutes here, followed by a nice night-landing: I've been having great fun! Although I'm still sometimes getting some unexpected crashes I can mostly deal with them. (phew)
  13. I uploaded a new version of the Interface fixing a number of bugs that got introduced in the last big update and some that I found using different combinations of mods thanks to users in this forum reporting them to me. A small list of fixes from the last few weeks: - Fix for auto-update loop on startup. - Added these mods as incompatible mods that I can't figure out a patch for: ConfigurableContainers and AnimatedAttachment. - Changed the Boosters final approach mechanism. Fixes the overshooting/undershooting due to users having a different Booster trajectory than I have (still to be investigated). And this got fixed as of today: - Fixed an issue where the correct Angle-of-Attack would not be correctly set when transferring from Duna to Kerbin, causing a failure of the auto de-orbit function. - Introduced a new function that automatically dumps excess fuel during the re-entry after a manual de-orbit, to avoid returning manually, activating the re-entry procedure only and failing the landing due to too high Mass (and fuel). - Fixed an issue with the Crew Ship. Due to the increased mass of the crew module, the flaps didn't have their proper neutral angle. Reduced Crew Module Mass slightly: 15t (instead of 18, to allow for future cargo capability) now vs. SEP default 10t. - Fixed the acceleration (g-force) measuring that I broke some time ago. - Fixed an issue where the Center of Gravity was affected when Community Resource Pack was installed, resulting in failed ship re-entries (due to this imbalance the control authority of the ship was way smaller than it should have been). This issue had gotten introduced with the new tank setup (1:3.6 methane-to-oxidizer/liquid fuel-to-oxidizer) some time ago. Hopefully these fixes help everyone to get the most reliable booster and ship landings possible! Once again, I appreciate all the feedback either in this forum post or by PM, so don't hesitate to write! A note: If the Interface doesn't show up after loading a vehicle from the VAB, then you probably have a mod installed that (now) inhibits the startup of the Interface. Check the list of not-allowed mods on my github (click my signature image below the post).
  14. I really like this mod: I am writing a script for it that creates an interface for basic operations (automatic launch, de-orbit, catch etc), but it's limited to KSP's standard Kerbin, as I can't find enough time to support the Real Solar System mod.
  15. Congrats! I know that job as being called a 'Ramp Agent'. Depending on the airport it can be quite a hard job! I'll PM you for troubleshooting, as this sounds like a mod interfering yet again..
  16. They haven't changed since the last version, so no, you could try skipping those. Good luck on that exam! (btw, what does an aircraft coordinator do exactly? You sparked my interest) Ah, I'll add this to the list of things to investigate when I have some more time. I know sometimes errors pop up when you load a craft that's already standing on the launchpad (KSP decides to suddenly rename a craft or part). You could try recovering it and loading it from the VAB instead. But this looks more like the Orbital Launch Mount got renamed. It can't find any parts with the name that it should be able to find. Could you maybe show a screenshot of the output of the following command in the terminal (and draw the terminal big enough to show the complete output): print ship:parts. (note the dot at the end of the command)
  17. @adriangm44 Could you try my latest version? I took away some (probably unnecessary) exclusions from the patches, and maybe this will help your problem and for those with many mods? I did include the few mods that I know won't work in the excluding part of the patches, so if someone tries to run the interface with these mods installed, then no kOS modules will be added (and other changes activated) and the Interface won't show up.
  18. I checked and for me the booster and ship return keeps running smoothly and correctly every single time. So I'm guessing yet another mod may be interfering with the correct functioning of the Interface. As said before I'm having trouble running many mods, as my laptop can't keep up with all of that, so I run a pretty minimal KSP setup. I can try making a mod work one at a time, but to identify the troublemakers is the hardest part. On top of that the patches I am applying are pretty hard to create in a reliable way across other mods. Maybe you can find some clue in the booster cpu when it gets stranded over the ocean? I did change the landing behaviour of the Booster, which you may be seeing some effects of. As it comes in way steeper now (from around 8km altitude it will try to correct an error of around 1000m to the launchpad) the trajectory should show up quite a bit further than the tower (it's now aiming between 250-100m on the far side of the tower depending on mass). After engine start it should correct all errors and establish itself quite soon on an expected error on touchdown of 0m laterally and longitudinally (shown on the booster cpu). If you say it runs out of time, do you mean it doesn't slow down enough in time? That may be a TWR issue that may result from the patch not being applied correctly (yes, due to mods..). What do you mean by 'bottom edge of the OLM'? Now I wonder what's happening during Ship return? No worries about making a video. If you do at some point find some time to do one or more that would be great, of course, as a video will sometimes say more than a thousand words!
  19. Does anyone else have Boosters that don't return successfully?
  20. lol, did I break it again? What happened exactly? Did the Boosters CPU crash? Or could it just not reach the Launch Site? A video or some explanation would be useful.
  21. You're right, it's indeed CryoTanks that causes those issues. I've just uploaded a new patch that works on my system, so let me know if it fixes the issue. Thanks for bringing that issue to my attention, @adriangm44!
  22. Hmm, weird. You're also getting toggles for the COPV and HPU that I don't have. Do we run the same version of SEP? I do have the fuel switch I think, but not the tank type switch that you also have. I did a major rewrite of the patch, so most likely the issue is there, and some mod causes this behaviour. Would you mind starting with the bare minimum of mods required for SEP and the Interface and then build up from there to see if you can isolate the mod responsible for this? Perhaps cryotanks? I know that mod causes trouble for me.
  23. I updated my kOS Interface once again! This time I made some tweaks to the fuel and thrust settings: The Liquid Fuel/Methane to Oxidizer ratio are now 1 to 3.6 which I felt was more realistic. The Booster now has more fuel, while the ship has less, to accommodate a much flatter launch profile. The Booster will also glide a lot more aggressively during final re-entry before landing while still maintaining a reasonable success-rate (the last 10 I checked were all succesful). The Ships Interface now supports both the 6-engine and the 9-engine Starship (you'll need to modify the craft files yourself, as I've left the 9-engine Starship as the default for now). Here's a quick Launch-Profile side view I made from my log-files. Booster final re-entry gliding is now definitely noticeable: Let me know if you find any bugs!
  24. I think I'm slowly advancing to a more stable (read: way less bugs) experience with the interface, and I'm really happy with that. The biggest changes over the last few weeks have been the addition of Liquid Methane as a fuel (which was a major hurdle already for a long time), tweaks to the Duna Landing allowing a 30t payload to be landed on the surface or a Crewed Ship with quite some fuel still onboard, and the workings with multiple craft docked or in orbit to allow most functions of the script to work normally with way less crashes and other weird behaviour. That said, I have started working on a Maneuver page which can slowly take over some simple functions of Mechjeb in the future. And now I am working on an auto-docking feature The page will change a bit over time, but here's a WIP screenshot: Also, I made a Quick Guide of sorts for the Interface for those that are new to it: EDIT: Docking is already working way better than expected! If the Target ship is facing away from you, the ship will move itself to an "Intermediate Safe Point" (so it can pass the ship safely), after which it will move towards the dock for auto-docking! Here's a screenshot of the Interface during docking: And one of the Maneuver Page: It will show the other required buttons and lists depending on which maneuver you select! edit edit: Yes, I misspelled maneuver, that's fixed though.. edit edit edit: I started my own github repository for the project, from where the latest updates will always be available. I am rather happy with the new maneuver page, and hope to expand on it soon. The download link is both on page 5 and in my forum-signature. edit x4: I did another minor update just now. I fixed some small bugs I encountered, and just fixed the bugs that I encountered after the initial fixes... lol.. New craft will be able to update automatically when you install a new update from me (and a connection to KSC exists)! This means no more deleting the old craft and starting new from the VAB. (Although that is only from this version onwards.. I do describe a way to update existing craft in the changelog file) Auto-Docking is more foolproof, and I changed the behaviour of showing ship mass and delta-v while docked (I don't show it..). However Cargo Mass is more accurate now, and the icons are the right ones. Also you don't have to stage your payload correctly anymore. Booster separation is commanded a different way now, so not via staging (spacebar)! Let me know if you find any bugs!
  25. Hi, I'm new in this post. First of all many thanks for this great mod! Now straight to my problem: Using my kOS Interface for a Starship mod I'm quite dependent on Trajectories to work rather exactly, and I noticed some strange behaviour that I can't trace from any logs. Usually on the first session (after loading KSP) when I load a save-file in the atmosphere the impact position from trajectories differs from the second time I load a save-file. A temporary fix is to press on the 'update' button within trajectories. Is there a problem with the auto-updating, or am I maybe doing something wrong? Or is there maybe a way to force an 'update' of the aerodynamics via kOS? Thanks in advance!
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