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  1. The outline of the 1.625 size rocket looks very beautiful. Implementing a thin adapter that leads to 1.5 sizes should solve the compatibility problem. I am sorry if this is a naive opinion Thank you for making a great mod. I hope the translation is correct
  2. Is it possible to attach the function of a low level experiment equipment such as temperature and pressure to the remote command part of 1.25 m? Square experimental equipment is very cool. But it is a bit big against the Soyuz pod. To carry it to the moon and take it back to the atmosphere, you need to use the service bay of the vanilla part or to install it directly on the pod to prevent it burning out. It harms the shape of the beautiful spaceship reproduced. Even if it's possible, it may make the game a bit simpler so I do not want it unless other users want it This may be a mistake because it is machine translated text. I'm sorry Thank you for a wonderful mod
  3. It is wonderful to have beautiful wings completed simply by connecting several parts with nodes Also, every cockpit has a wide window, and its cool iva can actually be used for landing The only requirement is long fuel tank. Connecting short tanks is not very inconvenient, but long tanks are smarter Thank you for a wonderful mod (I'm sorry if translation was wrong
  4. This is not a serious problem The flag of the Mobile Processing Lab MPL-LG-2 is Flag overlaps hatch I want you to fix it if possible  This is a machine translated text. I am sorry if English was wrong. I appreciate this wonderful mod