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  1. Maybe put a satellite in the same orbit of the moon but trailing ~90 degrees. Hard, but I think the difficulty is around the same as other solutions.
  2. @Pds314, what paint mod are you using? Those fighters look great!
  3. Dammit, I forgot Modular Flight Integrator. Why didn’t I see that? Thanks @SuicidalInsanity!
  4. After reinstalling several times, the Peking’s button isn’t appearing and I can’t use J to edit the wings. The wings still appear, but there is no functionality. Edit: I tried to fly a craft I had previously made with Pwings, and while the wings looked ok in the SPH, I loaded it and they were just the unshaped blocks.
  5. And somehow in trying to install FAR broke B9 Procedural wings... I don’t have enough data to ask for help, so... idk? Would still love to join.
  6. I’ll try and get FAR working on my computer. Is it just me, or are 23mm cannons significantly better than 20? One of my planes with 3 of them is destroying literally every single part on other fighters in a fraction of a burst.
  7. You make a lot of valid points, but running UDMH in an NTR definitely can’t make 1000 ISP, or probably even 400. Also, jet engines could run or UDMH, but I doubt the efficiency can barely get to the numbers in KSP.
  8. The propellants in KSP: Liquid Fuel, Oxidizer. (Sorry Monopropellant, you are for another discussion). The classics, designed to be unambiguous. However, the KSP community has always tried to put a definition on them. Liquid Fuel was easy - liquid hydrogen. It can run as a high efficiency vacuum engine, or as a jet engine along sea level. As a first stage or in a NERVA. Liquid Hydrogen checked all boxes. Oxidizer, on the other hand, has stayed in debate if not given up on. Liquid Oxygen feels like a good candidate, but fails in one area: hypergolic-ness (Okay, that’s the dumbest way
  9. Please add B9 Procedural wings. I don’t want every plane having the exact same wing to save on partcount.
  10. Please add B9 Procedural wings. I don’t want every plane having the exact same to save on partcount.
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