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  1. KeranoKerman

    Mk16 Parachute Overhaul?

    I believe it should have a similar revamp to the mk1 tanks.
  2. They definitely do need a revamp. I would like it look similar to the 1.6 adapter (2.5-3.5m) and have all the same texture switches. This would be great for 1.7.
  3. KeranoKerman

    Naval Warfare

    So my Missile frigate is pretty bugged - I will try and make a 1.1 version although don’t expect that for a while because I am having Kerbal X problems. I will also post the TAMLB2-1 ballistic missile (stock BDA Missile manager).
  4. KeranoKerman

    Naval Warfare

    For the R&D part of this, I designed a ballistic missile that can travel more than 35 km - (I don't know the exact range but It can hit the KSC from the Island airfield). Here are the pictures:TAMLB2-1 Test Flight From Island To KSC Unfortunately, I forgot my Kerbal X password so I can't share craft file at this moment.
  5. KeranoKerman

    Naval Warfare

    Okay, here is the missile frigate craft file. Soon as I have time to fire up KSP will get pictures. Link:
  6. KeranoKerman

    Naval Warfare

    Making Missile - I can’t believe I hit the Astronaut complex on the first try - I am even happier that it actually destroyed it! How do you GPS lock targets at high ranges? The FLIR ball doesn’t seem to work.
  7. KeranoKerman

    Naval Warfare

    After realizing that my old corvette did not float. Finally after designing a new one loaded with more missiles- I would call it a missile frigate. I am going to call these Occiere-class ships
  8. KeranoKerman

    Naval Warfare

    Finally finished frigate after lots of work in weapon density department. I'm calling it a Athena-Class Frigate. Working on pics.
  9. KeranoKerman

    Naval Warfare

    I am making my own frigate - I seem to have a lot less weapon-to-size ratio than the rest of the thread.
  10. KeranoKerman

    Nuclear Engine Cooling Help

    I’d think yes. Just make sure to turn them on! Given that you have wings I’m gonna guess you have an interplanetary SSTO. Congrats! I may have had a probe on every planet except Eello, but my kerballed craft have only gone to Dres. And not back. Happy waiting! (For those darn transfer windows!)
  11. KeranoKerman

    Nuclear Engine Cooling Help

    I believe the engine pre-coolers won’t help. I would recommend thermal control systems because they generally look better. If you do use regular radiators, then remember that they only cool the block they are placed on and the blocks attached to that. If you want a sleek ship with no parts sticking out (to get those cool looks), then a mark 1 liquid fuel tank should have enough surface area when the engine is directly attached. Happy floating!
  12. KeranoKerman

    How about a 1.875 SRB?

    That’s actually what I was thinking about when I came up with the idea!
  13. This is just my new account, so I don't need any "welcome to the forums" comments So a few days ago, I was hanging out, thinking about how to solve the problem of larger SRBs. Then an Idea came to me: instead of large 2.5 meter ones, what about 1.875 (in the middle) SRBs? I then thought of a great look and idea to go for: What about the titan 3-E rocket SRBs: The titan 3-E had a central LR-87 engine (We have it as the Bobcat in making history). The two side SRBs are what would be added. It had a LR-91 second stage (cheetah). It also had a third stage (concealed by the fairing) with two RL-10s. The point I'm trying to make here is that It would go along well with current themed parts, along with other purposes. Now what did the titan 3E do that is memorable? Isn't this just a boring rocket that did boring things? No. This rocket launched two amazing firsts: Voyager 1&2 with too many records to count (Including one on the spacecraft!) and Viking 1&2, the first probes to land on mars! This is a pretty historic rocket, so It solves many problems at once. With these side boosters, you could recreate the first landings on mars and Voyager far better, and use it on everything from better looking space shuttles or just as "larger SRBs" -Kerano Kerman
  14. KeranoKerman

    [1.6.X]Aircraft Carrier Accessories

    So I downloaded this mod, extracted it out of the game data folder, but when I go to SPH I don't see the parts. here is pic:You can see I have the area for the parts, but no parts. I will examine the mod folder and come back to probably say it was on my part. Thanks.
  15. I don't de-orbit my parts because they are on pretty similar orbits but I may have to soon because several missions krakened while in orbit along with several re-usable booster crashes (The irony is insane) that broke the connecter parts so there are masses of lander legs and engines. A few of my missions (Even one with few radial parts) got krakened, ruining a very powerful antenna sat in orbit round the sun and destroying a nearly out of fuel rescue mission which had a bad antenna and couldn't use maneuver nodes. Another one was a Minmus Lab mission that got krakened, separating the lab and cockpit. (It had no horizontal parts except inside a Making History Expansion Service Module) The two kerbals in the lab first setup with the capsule, and got in. After realizing that they would crash into minmus, one valiant kerbal went on EVA and used his jetpack to boost their periapsis above minmus's surface.