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    im playing ksp, thats why im on this forum

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  1. My submissions! Every picture can be found here too: https://imgur.com/a/1IVax2G On the top left and top right of every picture there is a very discrete signature. You can share my Forum name too.
  2. There is a problem in RSS 1.3.1: As soon as I go into space (140,000m) the atmosphere disapears (from light blue to dark blue; clouds are still there). Luckily it apears again at an altidude of 220,000m - 260,000m. Nevertheless it looks awful while flying a rocket. 1.3.1 Mods used: RSS, RSSVE, scatterer, Kopernicus, PlanetShine, DistantObject, EVE, ModuleManager, Principia [and some part packs] Is there an outdated mod or is it a normal bug in RSSVE 1.3.1? Thank you for helping in advance! ^.^
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