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  1. I personally think that the resources on the parts are just fine. On the IRL ISS, they keep enough supplies on the station for well over a year in case resupply is delayed (which has happened, several times). While I would support a change that would make the smallest container have enough supplies for 6 months, going down to 3 months is a bit much, IMHO.
  2. To satisfy my own morbid curiosity, what was the issue?
  3. Log file = I went through the mod filter list, disabled them all 1 by 1, reenabled them all 1 by 1, clicked hide all and show all.
  4. i5 7600k OC'd to 4.3ghz 32GB DDR4 ASUS Dual 8gb GTX 1070 w/ 2130mhz OC EDIT 1 Currently uploading Zipped Game Data folder, just opened KSP with modded DLL file to pull a log for you. EDIT 2 Still waiting on upload, will be done in a few mins. In the meantime, whatever you did to that DLL file made everything work. Log file coming with next edit soon as things are uploaded. EDIT 3 - Game Data file - CKAN Mods Export File. AutoAGL, Pathfinder and Wild Blue Tools are manually installed. - Logfile that was promised. Also, about the KSPDev having multiple installs, I narrowed that down to Kerbal Inventory System not being updated to 1.7 as of yet, and it still running kspdev 1.1, and EasyVesselSwitch and Kerbal Attachment Systems both having KSPdev 1.2 bundled with it.
  5. I'm having the same issue. I've manually installed ClickthroughBlocker and Janitors Closet, I've installed it with CKAN, Reinstalled with CKAN, Overwritten the CKAN installed files with the correct version from Github and still getting the no parts error. Nothing I do fixes this except uninstalling Janitor's Closet. The Mod Filter window is open in the top left hand corner at all times in the VAB/SPH, and does not go away unless closed (even when you exit out to the main menu.) Here's the Log File: Win 10 Home, KSP 1.7
  6. aceman67

    Universal Storage II [1.3.1 and 1.4.5 - 1.7.0]

    I commend you on trying to recreate it, so here's my CKAN mod file for you to throw a fresh 1.7 install (although I was getting the same issue in 1.6.1). Ignore the B9partswtich errors, from what I've read from that mod's thread, it's just throwing a hissy fit from the new version and isn't anything game-breaking (I was able to test another rocket this morning with no issues). I've also included the craft file for testing, I tried without Auto-strut and Rigid attachment, and with Auto-strut (Root) and Rigid attachment on the USII bay fairing. Both oddly survived this time, although the Fairing and everything in it (except the cores) were destroyed in both splashdowns (despite coming in at 5-6m/s, totally safe for stock service bays in my experience. Probably needs maor chutes). Also, don't timewarp while in atmo during launch, rocket becomes a noodly Kraken treat, the rocket has enough dV to get to an 80km orbit, and to de-orbit both main stage and second stage, it's nothing pretty. It's also using just Squad/SquadExp and Universal Storage 2 parts. Mods CKAN file and Craft File here:
  7. aceman67

    Universal Storage II [1.3.1 and 1.4.5 - 1.7.0]

    I'm having an odd issue in the early game using the double height 4slot 1.25m service bay where I have the Central spoke of the service bay hooked up to the bottom of a Mk1 command pod, and I load up the service bay with extra monopropellant, life support pods, science gizmos and the like, I make sure the weight is distributed evenly, then attach the service faring, and put a 1.heatshieldeild on, then add moar boosters till It has the dV to make orbit. When either launching or attempting reentry with the pod+service bay that the pod starts to rock back and forth, presumably on the service bay core, causing some weird physics issues when the bay faring clips with the pod and then it starts vibrating all over the place... that is assuming the whole thing doesn't just explode. I'm at work at the moment, so I can't provide any logs, but this is easily reproducible in my game and I can get a log file for you if one is needed. Would Auto-strutting to the service bay core to the Command pod, and each individual service module auto strut to the service bay core, and then the Faring to the bay core it's attached to help?
  8. aceman67

    [1.7.x] Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience

    Isn't the entire point of Pathfinder's system is that it's mobile? No option to pack up and drive to the next Biome? (This comment is meant entirely in Jest ).
  9. I'm planning on doing a full Beyond Home playthrough and I've never really gone farther than Minmus in the base game, and a Reddit user challenged me to get to a deep system moon (around a gas giant no less) chemically and without abusing the Oberth effect. So basically what he's asking is to just brute force my way there, MOAR BOOSTERS basically. Am I right in my assumption?
  10. The available options upon starting a new game with the replace crew option enabled do not support mods that add other crew roles, only Pilot, Engineer and Scientists. I think that because the mod wasn't intended to be used with another mod that adds new roles to the game (USI Kolonization adds Quartermaster, Medic, Farmer, Geologist, Biologist, Mechanic, Technician, Miner, Kolonist), it just makes random choices. Can't start a new game without the base 3 roles.
  11. Is there any possibility for adding compatibility for USI Kolonization Systems? Right now, when it generates Kerbals with that installed, instead of generating 4 kerbals (2 pilots, an engineer and a scientist, normally), it made two engineers, a miner and a medic.
  12. Kanadian Space Agency "Have Timbits, Will Travel" In the decades that passed since the death of the Kerbol system, the Kerbals have lost their drive to launch things into the unknown, save for one group of intrepid survivors. The brave Kanadian Kerbals have banded together to explore their new home, finish the colonization efforts started by the first survivors to this new system and eventually return to Kerbol in tribute to those that came before. As Kerbal Society has evolved past the need for money, this will be a Science playthrough. Mission Goals Establish full communication networks and survey the celestial bodies around the new Kerbal Homeworld. Establish a stable and reliable industry to support sustained exploration of the bodies around the new Kerbal Homeworld and its moons. This includes fuel and food production for spacecraft (Via TAC Life Support) Finish the colonization efforts that were attempted when the system was first settled. (Via Pathfinder and OSE Workshop mods). Construct a reusable exploration craft, along with reusable exploration landers for both Atmospheric and Non-Atmospheric planets and moons, that can mine its own fuel and resupply itself, and head off into the rest of the system and explore, establishing outposts and mining colonies to further support goals of the Agency. Once outposts are established, construct a single-use craft to send new colonists to those new outposts and mining stations. Once exploration and construction of communication and industry to support a mission to Kerbol are complete, construct a vessel that can make the long journey to the original home of the Kerbal people, and find out what's left. I've been planning on doing this for a long time, but with the recent update to 1.6, the mods that I use regularly weren't updated to support a playthrough like this. Then along came the Beyond Home mod that basically became the definition of awesome in the KSP community and is, IMHO, one of the best mods that's been produced to date with the exception of the Restock and Restock+ mods. To be completely honest, this is going to be pretty difficult for me, to date the only things I've really done in KSP is build an LKO space station and send landers to Mun and Minmus, and I've never left the Kerbin system to even go to Duna. So wish me luck. I will be streaming my attempts on my Twitch/Mixer channel, which will be cross-posted on my Youtube channel as well, those videos will be posted here as well along with copious amounts of screenshots. Mods Used: Beyond Home (and required mods) (also duh...) TAC Life Support Restock & Restock + Pathfinder, OSE Workshop Reworked (and all required mods) Universal Storage II (more will be added once I get this playthrough set up and mods locked in) Self-Imposed Rules: While this will be a Science Playthrough, It will be played in Career mode, but simply ignore funds. Reputation will still be rewarded at the default rate, but penalized at a significantly higher rate, as 'Kanada' is the sole group of Kerbals actually willing to go back into space, and the rest of the world isn't supporting them. If Reputation falls to low, the rest of the nations on the new homeworld will step in and stop Kanada's activities. Game Over. Since Kanada's basically starting from scratch, Scientifically, science rewards will be limited to 75% of the normal rate. Until a specific contract pack is released for Beyond Home, assuming one is going to be made, Contracts will be ignored. Attempt to recover vessels as much as possible, as science rewards are reduced, every little bit helps. Attempt to land as a close to the Space Center as possible (again, because you need those science points). Use of Life Support mods, in this case, TAC life support. If Kerbals run out of Food, Water or Air, they die. No 'hibernation'. Use of Quick-Save to save a Kerbal is Forbidden. If they die, they die. All attempts to complete challenges issued by users of this forum for this playthrough will be given the highest priority if it is possible to complete it. Maintain a record of all missions, Kerbalnauts, and vessels in this thread. Screenshots of all Save Settings Changed: KSP Forum User Issued Contracts/Challenges: If you have a Challenge you'd like to see me try and complete, issue it here in this thread. Include what you want me to do, how much Reputation you feel I should get for completing it, how much Science points (if any), and how much reputation to be removed if declined. Be reasonable, any joke contracts will be ignored.
  13. The Kerbalized version of Canada is Kanada.
  14. Seeing how new it is, I wasn't expecting one. I was just wondering if the Kraken would rear its head and cause issues. Hopefully, someone does make a pack for this planet pack, what I've seen of it is amazeballs.
  15. Mission Log Kerbonaut Roster: Pilots Engineers Scientists Wall of Remembrance: May this section never be used. Vessel Hanger: (WIP) Milestones: (WIP) User Issued Challenges: Reddit User Huthutboy5: Capture at Kohm chemically and without Oberth abuse. (no rewards)
  16. How well does this mod play with planet packs? I absolutely love this mod and want to use it in the playthrough I'm doing with Beyond Home. Do the Planet related ribbons not get awarded?
  17. Seriously cannot wait to see what you guys are going to do with the Mk2 spaceplane
  18. aceman67

    [1.7] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.4.1 [update 4/23/2019]

    Is it possible to make a 45-degree adapter part in addition to the 90-degree J adaptor?
  19. aceman67

    [1.6.1] SIMPLEX Living 1.1

    I've been watching the SIMPLEX stuff for a while and I'm going to try using this for the career play-through I plan on doing soon.
  20. Absolutely awesome! Thank you for your hard work!
  21. aceman67

    One Key Autostruct

    I have been looking for something like this for ages, thank you for providing this wonderful tool, can't wait to use it when I get off work!
  22. aceman67

    [1.7.0] B9PartSwitch v2.7.1 (April 17)

    I get the following error every time I load the game: And here's my output log: [ERROR] [Part fueltank-nosecone-5-1] [ModuleB9PartSwitch 'fuelSwitch'] Duplicate subtype names detected: System.String[] (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/DebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 51) PartLoader: Part 'NearFutureLaunchVehicles/Parts/FuelTank/fueltank-5/fueltank-nosecone-5-1/fueltank-nosecone-5-1' has no database record. Creating.