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  1. time to go and dig in a (posible) mess of code welp that's what I'm going to do for my weekend
  2. lunardog15

    A KSP Loading... Preview: Helmet Removal

    welp one sugestigon can we have the helmets break if you land on them from high up?
  3. lunardog15

    Magnetic boots for EVA.

    they could be called klaw boots
  4. lunardog15

    FPS > Hz?

    yep that is true woo agreeing but saying it differently
  5. lunardog15

    The Duna Enterprise

    Ah yes RatSquirrelFish is very tasty when done with CucumberPineapplePotato.
  6. I've actually found they can't run on the mun due to the low gravity. (hack gravity does allow them to run tho) so small hops would be a cool way to have them still move faster when you hold shift.
  7. lunardog15

    FPS > Hz?

    unless you are playing vr but yeah...
  8. lunardog15

    THE BARTDON PAPERS - "Watch the skies."

    wooooooooooo content
  9. lunardog15

    THE BARTDON PAPERS - "Watch the skies."

    this thread is amazing thanks so much
  10. lunardog15

    Sirius Space Program

    post to watch
  11. Give me until Friday as I'm a little busy. but I will try to do it to day
  12. May I ask for an Escape pod test by any chance? I have one made and would like to see if it is easy for others to use.