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    remote tech problems?

    where in the window is the settings?
  2. so im playing on 1.6.1 and I installed KOS and and remote tech and the ground stations don't work is this intended or is it a bug and if so how do I fix it or should I uninstall remote tech
  3. lunardog15

    remote tech problems?

    @Steven Mading where are those settings?
  4. lunardog15

    remote tech problems?

    how would I do this? @Xd the great the ground stations don't show up on the map @Steven Mading
  5. can confirm it is still not fixed
  6. lunardog15

    Revelations of the Kraken (Chapter 34: Truth... and Consequences)

    Um... So how are the RatSquirrelFish doing?
  7. lunardog15

    Multi Role Kerbals

    Rpg style skill trees? Count me in.
  8. lunardog15

    New Editor Tool

    That would be cool An way they could do this is to have a coordinate part placement tool as a alternative to the arrow pulling method
  9. lunardog15

    Your Finest Hour in KSP

    that rep tho
  10. lunardog15

    A farewell is necessary!

    sorry to see some leaving but I wish you good luck on your next venture.
  11. lunardog15

    New Editor Tool

    so like a temporarily hold this in place and re attach to the new part in the same why I was original button?
  12. lunardog15

    Inline Landing Legs?

    you could have the legs go straight down when they deploy that would be cool
  13. would they be monopropellers?
  14. looking at this it could be used for dumb easy take off too ...right?
  15. lunardog15

    Idle Chair Animations - Wander Mode

    yes let the kerbals drive stuff too rover ends up on top of VAB
  16. lunardog15

    Impossible Parts Ideas

    robot kerbals Eg a part that houses robots that are textured kerbals with heavily increased stats like speed and impact resistance but require a charge to work and act like probes
  17. lunardog15

    Planet Builder

    what if we had it so you could pick different solar systems like there is a option to pick "wisbang" instead of "basic" in the advanced option they could have community planet packs that you could get on the places that you get mods or something
  18. lunardog15

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    homestuck reference? as in the perfectly generic object?
  19. lunardog15

    A reverse switch for airbrakes

    or if you made a hyper sonic car that needs steering and you don't want a tail fin
  20. lunardog15

    Communications Hubs

    they could call it a AI ( Artificial Intervention) module
  21. lunardog15

    Revelations of the Kraken (Chapter 34: Truth... and Consequences)

    im going to need to add that to my signature (how do you do that btw)
  22. lunardog15

    Making a Dollar or Two- BOOK TWO

    this is amazing
  23. lunardog15

    Revelations of the Kraken (Chapter 34: Truth... and Consequences)

    what did Burdous ever do to you