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  1. I have never thought of it before now. I have not even heard about 'bird milk'. That must have been the reason why I have never thought of it even though I did elementary biology in the college.
  2. This is indeed a breath-taking journey. I am shivering here already. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
  3. Great and inspiring movie about Neil. I will definitely teach my kids about him. Even in the face of depression he kept himself up and still went on to achieve the greatest feat of all time.
  4. Tsunamis can be deadly as their trajectory and speed are not predictable. So, the situation around me and my instinct will determine my next point of action. Of course, the information coming would not be an instant one, if it is that massive and close, the airport management wouldn't have allowed onboarding.
  5. I believe Mars will be more spacious than Antarctica, so in case of any eventuality on earth, Mars can take us all compared to Antarctica. However, something in me says Antarctica is better for us.