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  1. Hello again, Last night i did the above quoted statement. Chatterer started working for me as well. I'm not sure what was going on. I tried repairing, uninstalling/reinstalling ckan and all the mods multiple times with no luck. Also verified integrity of KSP multiple times with no luck. It IS working now so thank you for your time and your reply!
  2. Dangit you guys! This was supposed to be an easy post, just to post logs and details for the mod author! Not a stupid argue fest... I just wanted to re-post after I tried something else. I had KSP installed on another 1TB hard drive in my pc. I uninstalled completely using steam . Then reinstalled onto my local SSD. Opened up KSP, ran then closed. Opened up ckan for the first time in this install. Installed latest Astronomer's Visual Pack and all of the corresponding mods that are are required by avp. It worked. So either a fresh install worked or you guys updated this in that short time of reinstalling. lol Either way it works for me now! Thanks again for all the posters who can respond with some decency. Thanks to the the author as well for for your hard work and taking time to come here and respond to us!
  3. Hello guys! This doesn't seem to work for me. Loads in game, but no sound comes out. No beeps, no chatter. Fresh install from ckan. Attached below are my logs. Please let me know if anything else is required from me. Thanks in advance! Kerbal Errors
  4. Thanks for the reply. Does this mean there's no fix until the mod is compatible? I also used CKAN to install all mods.
  5. Hello guys! First time poster here! Mine unfortunately is doing the exact same thing stated above. Validated Kerbal install with steam. Found two missing files. Didn't help. Pretty sure that was just an error on my end. Uninstalled all mods and reinstalled with no luck. Link to screenshot and logs below; please let me know if you can access them or not. Thank you guys in advance! I also forgot to mention that after I click okay on the message and then click settings the game just loads. I have to manually close out of game. The loading animation just keeps rolling in the bottom right. Added all files the pop-up message asked me to submit: Kerbal Errors