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  1. Hope someone can capture some pics or vids...
  2. What mod are you using for that advanced Traked Objects list/filter?
  3. What could be the reason for these grid patterns appearing from time to time? I've double checked for all my visual mods to be updated (Scatterer, EVE, PS)... Oceans sometimes dissapear too unless you look at it from a very specific angle.
  4. Thanks for the info. Will try drogues from now on!
  5. Well, I discovered the hard way that my parachutes will never deploy on Duna, at any times during descent. Is there anyone else with this problem around? Apparently it's only happening on Duna, other places like Eve will deploy them just fine. Just to be clear, my parachutes are stock. I have zero mods installed that change them in any way.
  6. I really, really hope a basic difficulty tech tree in KSP2 forces you to really explore the Kerbol System with "existing" tech before rapidly jumping to Orion and other exotic propulsion systems. KSP 1's tech tree, if difficulty is untouched, can actually be completed without even leaving Kerbin's SOI.
  7. Often, once I've progressed in my career saves, the save is full of many different crafts, and you have to go through jumping from planet to planet, and from moon to moon to get to your craft if you don't wanna scroll and look for their name (consdering half of those crafts are not called "Untitled Space Craft" like mine ). My suggestion asks for an small addition to the Tracked Objects list, where you have a dropdown in where you can select specific bodies, so only the crafts within those bodies SOI are shown in the Tracked Objects list. It's a small QoL thing that would make the life of many players easier.
  8. Does that mean we could hear news about KSP 2 "soon"? Or will they be there for another known reason?
  9. What do you guys would guess it would be for KSP2 hardware requirements, considering that we've been told it will work way better than standard KSP?
  10. I'm gonna be a bit conservative. August-October. And yeah I know, "Spring 2020". I don't believe it will be ready in 4-3 months and, as always happens, they will find a really ugly roadblock that forces them to push further into the year.
  11. Over the past few years there have been many different mods that expanded on the capabilities of IVA gameplay, but no effort has been shown for it from the actual devs. I would love an official rework for the IVA side of the game. Cockpits and capsules should all provide full control and configurable information so you can perform entire missions from the IVA perspective, if you wanted to. At least I hope Star Theory has thought about this for KSP 2...
  12. Question: We've seen and heard about old parts coming back in the trailers. Would that include robotics and making history-like parts in KSP 2? Could you guys share any bit of info regarding this?
  13. Having this exact same problem. I made a copy of my install just to test the mod on it and automatically all my antennas stopped working. Something in Telemachus is breaking them. Any idea @DanGSun? I'm running the latest 1.6.X version of KSP. Using stock antennas. EDIT: Nevermind. I fixed it just by deleting the RemoteTech cfg.