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  1. Fortunately I managed to get it working. I must've done something wrong in the first place. And I gotta add again- this mod changes the game so much for the better. Thank you Nertea.
  2. Yeah, just installed them together, and oh man. KSP2 is gonna look and sound outdated by the time it's out compared to how advanced the mod suite already is.
  3. Are you talking about something like this? Progress on exhaust refraction : KerbalSpaceProgram (reddit.com)
  4. I'm not sure if I'm doing this right (guess I'm not because it would work otherwise)... I'm trying to create a new template to use with Restock's Skipper. Once I finish the effect with the editor, I export it as a template and copy the .cfg to GameData/Waterfall/Templates. Then I go to the part's config and change templateName = to my new template's name. But once I load the game and fire the Skipper, there is no plume. Could someone please point this poor soul in the right direction?
  5. I went and tested some of the engines to check their effects. Apparently, Linx and Cougar don't have any visuals, and the Angora thinks burning horizontally is cooler!
  6. Oh. My. God. How did I just discover this? Seriously, engine plumes were one of my main concerns for the game during its entire existence. This project is PERFECTION. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.
  7. When are you expecting to have the new update with collisions ready? Sorry if it sounds pushy, it's not my intention! But I'm really hyped about it
  8. Hello! Thanks for creating this mod, it's beautiful. I'm experiencing a weird issue playing RSS/RO. Apparently, launch towers that are placed to the side of my rockets count towards the total height limit in the VAB. This rockets is 55-56m in height, but adding a tower increases it to +200. What could be the issue? I'm using the RO config included in the .zip under "Extras" if that's of any help.
  9. What mod are you using for that advanced Traked Objects list/filter?
  10. What could be the reason for these grid patterns appearing from time to time? I've double checked for all my visual mods to be updated (Scatterer, EVE, PS)... Oceans sometimes dissapear too unless you look at it from a very specific angle.
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