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  1. Hi Nate. Hope your day is going well. Two straightforward questions: 1) It is cool that we can press 'F2' and take HUD-less screenshots, but given that it's the most basic way of taking screenshots, and that many of us players enjoy taking the best pictures possible of our crafts: Does KSP2 plan to implement a fully fleshed Camera Mode in which we can change settings such as Focal Lenght, DoF, Focus, Tilt, Filters and most of the other cool options that modern games nowadays implement in their Camera Modes? 2) Does Intercept consider the future implementation of upscaling techniques such as AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution and/or NVIDIA's DLSS?
  2. I want them to work as I fancy. I like to pitch with them. It's KSP after all. Problem is, I can't just invert it, because roll, which works fine, gets inverted too, and completely messes up controls even more...
  3. What could be causing this? Moving your wings along the longitudinal axis will change how your wings Pitch Up/Down, no matter what you tell the vehicle to do...
  4. I think I'm going crazy. Has anyone else noticed issues with control surfaces (mainly wings)? My Pitch is now inverted with the new patch. Inverting it manually brings Pitch back to normal, but Roll isn't. It's actually visible on the comparison video I posted on the last page. Upon lifting off with the fighter, you can see how my wings behaved normally in but on it's all messed up, to the point where flying becomes frustrating. Pitching up makes wings pitch down. Inverting it fixes pitch, but roll is unaffected. Is this known @Dakota @Nate Simpson? And as a plus, enabling SAS while inverted will throw your vehicle into an uncontrollable spin. (The only reason the plane in that vid flies "well" is because those two engines give a lot of control authority)
  5. Raw comparison with same crafts, scenarios and graphic options.
  6. I really like the way Discord organizes communities and such. That said, people drifting to something as isolated as Discord is from the usual internet search has made it so certain information and data is kept under the requirement of downloading X software, joining X server and THEN looking for said data/info. Data/info that's way more volatile than forums are. This topic has been an ongoing piece of discussion for a while now with the rise in popularity of Discord replacing classic forums and community hubs. I like that devs/CMs are actively participating in the Discord in a laid back/casual manner and answering some basic questions every now and then, but I agree with the other user that certain info, such as that concerning the game's patches or updates, should be posted in parallel on the forums aswell, to at least keep both platforms on par in terms of available info.
  7. Wonder if we're getting the patch notes today or tomorrow
  8. I'm so hoping that we finally get Aero and Entry FX with this patch... PLEASE...
  9. Please keep this comms level on a bi-weekly basis if possible! Thanks!
  10. What kind of mental gymnastics does one have to do in order to relate one thing to the other? "Not good." Lmao.
  11. I've been trying to complete this challenge for 4 days straight now. Bugs and corrupt saves are making the game unbearable for something that would've taken me not more than 1-2h to do in KSP1. If you are going to give us challenges, do so after fixing the current dumpster fire pre-alpha your publisher rushed you to release to the public first.
  12. Separate. When working with lots of parts, it's annoying to have your visual space cluttered with thick 3D arrows.
  13. No, you were wrong. People pointed that out, and you refused to admit it. "since the KSP1 modding scene fell off". As far as I'm aware, the KSP1 modding scene is stronger than ever.
  14. You got your argument handed back in a silver platter. The posts are still there. None is deleted and a simple Google search will throw them up in the first page. The convo topic is now derailing with pride conservation as the only goal.
  15. Which feedback/bug system did you mainly use for those? I'm currently sending them via the launcher, but the launcher only says "You can close the window now" so I don't know if they're being sent properly lol
  16. Glad to hear! Nate, I really miss having heat and reentry/aero FX. I'm not asking for specifics about what the Science update will bring, but regarding heating and VFX, it was said that "we won't have them during a brief window at the start of EA", but could we get a rough estimate of how long we'll have to wait to see what was one of the most anticipated aspects of the game?
  17. I ended up uninstalling BePinEx, as installing SpaceWarp 3.0 wouldn't load any saves at all. Getting rid of Bepin fixed it, and it'll stay that way.
  18. How can one uninstall the mod to have the launcher back? Yes, I know. I just wanted to use/check the bug report feature on it.
  19. Most of the 100's of other failures were tiny indie games not backed by huge publishers. If we're going to compare EA games directly, let's do so properly. KSP2 has a proper team behind. The core game is there, and it's somewhat stable. It works, and the EA release is truthful about what this first build offers. This is one of those cases where nobody will remember these arguments in 6-12 months because the game has evolved to be great, people are enjoying it and the dark times are over. It's a game. In Early Access. KSP1 once was, too. Give it time. Let them cook.
  20. My experience tells me otherwise. If we have to look at examples of how absolutely terrible Early Access projects that once were a meme and a decade later are popping and still hold the crown within their genre, that would be DayZ DayZ was born as a mod created by Dean Hall for Bohemia Interactive's milsim game "ArmA 2". In 2013, the game was released as a Standalone game in Early Access, actually just about 3 months before HarvesteR's original KSP. DayZ spent 2013-2016 running in what essentially was Arma 2's engine and main scripting system. By then it was already considered a meme by how bad it performed, looked and how the original Arma 2 Mod was still many ways better than the Standalone, even 4 years after it's appeareance. In 2015-16, Bohemia decided to start porting DayZ Standalone to their new In-house "Enfusion" engine behind the curtains, while continuing to develop the legacy branch of the game so the playerbase wouldn't become unhappy and bored. All because the original Arma 2 engine was a complete mess and would've led to the game's inevitable death. DayZ left Early Access in 2018 in a 1.0 version that was completely barebones and lacking feature parity with the last version of the legacy branch (0.62). 5 years after the infamous 1.0 release, DayZ has released over 20 huge feature updates that have made the game resurge and explode in popularity, breaking its own concurrent player counts on Steam, last one being last month , and that's not counting console activity. DayZ is now the workhorse of the company and is thriving, 10 years later. After being and continuing to be a part of that journy ever since I tagged along with DayZ Standalone in 2015, and being there for the mod in 2012, I feel like KSP2 will be completely fine, since this is nothing compared with what that game and community had to endure.
  21. Either way, I'm just happy it hasn't become Forge/Fabric all over again
  22. You are still forced to store BePiNex mods in -/Bepinex/Plugins and SpaceWarp mods in -/SpaceWarp/Mods, which is suboptimal.
  23. I'm plying on all High minus Medium clouds and 4x AA. Most scatters are indeed offset incorrectly underground. It's an easy fix.
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