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  1. Looks like they took a lot of inspiration from Interstellar mod I am very curious how the future tech will be implemented. I saw ships with tons of radiators and i believe a Daedalus Engine. Looks promising.
  2. Hi, I just wanted to say that i enjoy the new science System you implemented. It took a little getting used to, but i think its a great system. I did however tweak the science output for RSS. It would be quite the grind otherwise.
  3. Thanks for keeping this Mod up to date. It is much appreciated. I really hope you'll find a way to work around it. I really like RT and i also like the idea of the new surface science. It would be sad if i have to choose between the two.
  4. I haven't updated to 1.7.2 yet, but from the patch notes: Fix null reference on ship load when parts have changed their attach nodes. Maybe this could mean its fixed? did Anybody try it already?
  5. Yes, I have both this issue and the above mentioned by BadRocket. (playing in 1.7.1) i can confirm that this startet happening with 1.7.1 and never occurred in 1.7.0
  6. I'm all in for things like that. But please, for the love of your players, make it blend in at least at little bit. This might have been enough for the anomalies in the Base game but i think for a 15$ DLC we can expect a little bit more than this.
  7. With KJR-continued i had terrible stuttering (1-2sec. freezes every 3-5seconds). KJR-Next runs super smooth with no stuttering or hickups. Thanks mate.
  8. Thank you good sir, i was running into this issue since 1.4.x with various Planet Packs but it was never so regularly then with this one.
  9. Yes, i did only 3 Parts i think, but i don't have it anymore since i deleted that install because i rather use TAC-LS. How you modify a part in-game should not mess with the habitation stats you set in the patch file because they are just fixed numbers. You would just set the patch file to what ever you feel like is balanced. It's not that hard if you look at other mod's patch files (like the before mentioned station parts mod).
  10. You can reverse engineer a patch file by looking at the Stockalike Station Parts mods Patch files. This mod has its own centrifuge in a similar size. That's what i did when i tried out USI.
  11. Rhode now has a black sky (clouds are working) after updating both BH and Scatterer (0.54). Does anybody else have the same issue?
  12. I am playing on 3.2x scaling with SD an Rescale. Works fine.
  13. Great planet pack! You really know how to make beautiful planets! One question, will it work with sigma dimensions and rescale? i like to play the game scaled up
  14. It's not really a big deal. The panels have their normal output, which is ok. It's not like the higher Power output is essential. I just saw that the stock panels and those of near future and probes plus all seem to get their higher output. But this is something not many people will encounter since it's just one of the many planet packs. I did check the SSTU in my 2.5x scaled stock system and the generated power seems to work fine with the scaling so it's probably an issue specific to After Kerbin.
  15. Hi, I had my eye on this Mod for some time now and i thought i try it out since there has been a Bugfix and recompile for 1.6. I am quite frankly amazed by what you have created. The amount of work you must have put into it must be innumerable. Thank you for your work. I've got a question about the Solar cells: I am currently playing a career in the After Kerbin Planet Pack. In case you are not familiar with this mod, it starts billions of years after the stock game. The sun is coming to an end and is much stronger than the stock sun resulting in a much higher power output. I did however see, that the sstu cells seem to not reflect that. So far i have only tried the first ones you get in the tech tree. So are they supposed to be rather weak or is this an compatibility issue?