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  1. I'm an indie game developer myself. I opened the solution found CompabilityChecker.cs. I checked the code a little and found that there is an array which the game puts incompatible mods inside it. Or something like that I wrote Array.Clear(ArrayName) and the problem was gone. I changed the code a little more before doing this. Maybe that changes fixed it but I don't remember what did I change. Maybe the game checks the mod's compatibility and if it's not compatible, it doesn't even try loading it.
  2. No problem. Just be careful. I don't know what I did
  3. (unofficial) Made it compatible with 1.5: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3xaqkmhmij5kn4h/KJR.zip?dl=0 I can't make any promises though. It worked for me. I was just frustrated with my noodle rockets and couldn't found a newer version of this awesome mod. I never made a mod in my life so download at your own risk. I just reset the incompatible array. I don't know what effect it does but it seems like it worked.