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  2. Looking for some help - I'm hoping to add the ability to use a part from another mod to be resource container for Kerbalism. If I am doing it just for my own use - is there an easy guide/way to copy the code from cfg file from a container in this mod?
  3. Loving the update to the 2018. Possible bug for you : I use latest Kerbalism (along with loads of other mods!), and was using the space around the engine shroud on the BFS. before latest release it was ideal space for attaching food storage, some RTG'soptions. Now only works with 2x Radial Symmetry, all the rest only shows one of whatever you want to attach, and frame rate drops from 100fps to 3 instantly. Only item I found that still acts normally is the cube girder, and the effect still applies to anything you attach to it. The Cargo Pod works as intended and can go up to 8x symmetry - so maybe it's something to do with how the shroud and cargo pod interact that's blocking out the rest? I know that you are focused on the IVA right now - so cargo pods are low priority, but would be a nice touch to be able to use them for the various life support mods like Kerbalism etc? Or is that something that can be added myself for private use, or could share the resulting tweak with you?