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  1. I've gone for a Ryzen 5 2600x, and Asroc Fatality Mini ITX. - and reusing AIO cooler, case and graphics card. Largely because current Gen Ryzen pricing is amazing value right now, and rumors have the 3rd Gen as being compatible with current boards. It's a fair chunk to do, but I'd say worth it for long term. The rig it's replacing is a few posts about and built around a processor that is now 6 years old. Although my main reasons for upgrade are lack of RAM that can be used as I only have 2 DIMM slots, and DDR3 16GB sticks are an expensive bet when I can get DDR4 for the same price. Sounds like you have something with DDR4 anyway to carry over, so why not get moderate board, and get a G series Ryzen? Like this - - but maybe play with M/B a bit. All mostly to continue to hurl Space Frogs into mortal peril......
  2. No - it causes a massive inversion of the Mo-hole and changes Minmus from minty to vanilla-y. Edit - other than those two side effects it works perfectly in my instal. As do the HX parts.
  3. @SpacedInvader - not got Real Fuels - but I do have the Stockalike Station Redux and Real Plumes. I'm going to try rolling back the last set of CKAN updates and installed mods to see if it's been the same issue with another mod that's been updated. If not it's either fresh KSP install or figure out DeltaV to get a 30cm cube containing various computer parts, weighing around 3kg, into LEO.
  4. Mine has jumped from loading to around 7-8GB RAM to eating 15.2 after updating some mods in the last day or so. And only 16GB in the system So runs like a Kerbalnaut on the surface of Jool. I'll post a list of mods shortly (on the surface I can see several shared with @SpacedInvader. )
  5. Looking for some advice on KSP/Ryzen CPU? I've started running into a wall with my current set up with KSP eating RAM (maybe the ridiculous number of mods and can't figure out which in particular is causing it). M/b: Asus p8z77-i Deluxe (only supports 2 sticks of RAM) CPU - I7-3770s clocked at 4.225ghz on AIO cooling RAM - 16gb DDR3 (mis-matched sticks but both 8gb - and can't find reasonable sticks to go to 32gb in DDR3) GFX - Palit GTX1050ti So it's not bad - can run most games at 30fps, but KSP still bottlenecks at times and memory is constantly creeping. So my thought is to get a current gen CPU - Ryzen 5 2600x or Ryzen 7 2700 (both are close in price), 32gb ram, keep the gfx card and a decent M/board. But whats KSP like on AMD over Intel? Or does it make much difference. I'd love to stay Team Blue for CPU, but AMD combo price is about the same as just i7 CPU, and I can flip the outgoing gear for around the cost of the new build.
  6. Nice update!* *Where can I send the invoice for the replacement of the Kerbalnauts that I just accidentally liquified after combining the new engine mount (Variant 2) with the Tundra Exploration "Raptor" engines? Hitting 20g+ acceleration in LKO was bad for their health. I need the Blunderbirds to rescue their gooey remains from a solar orbit somehow...?
  7. @Starlord Kerman - looks good. Does the file include anything for the Mk2.5 Compatability? Great work and looking forward to being able to mix and match some parts!
  8. Still looking for Victims Testers?
  9. Looking for some help - I'm hoping to add the ability to use a part from another mod to be resource container for Kerbalism. If I am doing it just for my own use - is there an easy guide/way to copy the code from cfg file from a container in this mod?
  10. Loving the update to the 2018. Possible bug for you : I use latest Kerbalism (along with loads of other mods!), and was using the space around the engine shroud on the BFS. before latest release it was ideal space for attaching food storage, some RTG'soptions. Now only works with 2x Radial Symmetry, all the rest only shows one of whatever you want to attach, and frame rate drops from 100fps to 3 instantly. Only item I found that still acts normally is the cube girder, and the effect still applies to anything you attach to it. The Cargo Pod works as intended and can go up to 8x symmetry - so maybe it's something to do with how the shroud and cargo pod interact that's blocking out the rest? I know that you are focused on the IVA right now - so cargo pods are low priority, but would be a nice touch to be able to use them for the various life support mods like Kerbalism etc? Or is that something that can be added myself for private use, or could share the resulting tweak with you?