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  1. Hi, I seem to have an issue with the IntakeAtm resource in that its not working The TFE731 Turbofan from B9 has intakeatm listed but if i close the air intake and only have the atm one open it will flame out. Its the same on all engines that have it as a resource nothing seems to work. Still shows the same as intake air when in flight on the right click menu. Oh? Was about to mention the VA1 VTOL Jet Engine from B9 too. Its intake has air and atm but the engine itself only has air as a propellant same for the TFE371. Am I misunderstanding how it works? Or is something broken? Tried googling but couldn't find anything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Edit: Just saw one of the propfans from Karbonite has atm as a propellant. Tried it. Worked. Guess was just being dumb. Assumed the engines with it as an intake would work with that intake open. Didn't help so many intakes had it but so few engines but yeah whatever problem solved.
  2. Ocid

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    Its a shame you to seem to have lost motivation or are just to busy to keep IR going Rudolf. Infernal Robotics is a lovely mod. Adds much fun to the game
  3. Just wanted to say this is a lovely little mod.
  4. Ah ok I see. Thats good to know thank you. Knew Karbonite wasn't the problem just thought it was confirming it.
  5. Hi So I have a strange bug that I don't think is related to Karbonite but your mod seems to show it as well as Infernal Robotics. On every scene change a KLF-750 radial prop gets added to the tech tree. It doesn't show in the VAB either. Picture And Log I can delete them from the tech tree in the save file but they'll just start duplicating again. The turbo one also doesn't show in the save file in the tech tree if its meant to. Just part = LFKA.Jet.PropFan.01 over and over again. I also get a duplicate thing with Infernal Robotics where duplicate parts will appear in the sequencer but can't be interacted with or deleted. Again I don't think they're related to either of the mods as just terrible fps forced me to start looking and they were added after the fps problems but they only seemed to confirm something was wrong. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply. Tried reloading saves on both science and sandbox mode alititudes weren't perfect but within about 50m of each other but the problem persisted. However I also just tried AVP and I get the same kind of issue with that so yeah think there is probably just some kind of problem with the science save. Will finish out this flight and launch another to the mun in science mode and see if its still there. Only thing I can think of is it has something to do with the ship not sure how though. Thanks for the help though and despite the mentioned issue and fps drops in the science game Spectra is loveing awesome man. Jool and Eve look gorgeous. So makes me want to persist and find out the issue.
  7. Hi. I seem to be having a strange issue with Spectra with terrain textures. The first pic is from my science save. 2nd one is from sandbox. Both are taken from roughly the same alititude like 1km difference. I'm guessing the sandbox pic is what Spectra is meant to look like. Both screenshots are from the same install just different saves so I'm not really sure what is causing the issue. Tried looking over the logs but not really sure what I'm looking for. Not a game breaking issue or anything but fps does seem to drop quite a bit and would be nice to have this mod in all its glory Any help would be appreciated. Edit: I can post the log in a few hours. Just thought i would ask first.
  8. Yeah I thought so. Tried looking but didn't find anything. So thought I'd ask. Thanks for letting me know.
  9. Hi, I see the list for mods to fill in the tech tree nodes. Does anyone know of mods that fill in the later nodes in science that isn't Interstellar. Thanks