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  1. Please help, the altimeter had stopped working since I updated to 1.8.0 Mods: Log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DPEMyY5wbeKrWAQ5xg6hYw45lvUewKcn
  2. Wait, I just realized something. So, here's the scenario: 2 crafts are outside each other's physics range. Craft A timewarps for 5 years. After time warp finishes, Craft A does a maneuver Craft B is in a different in-game time than Craft A(behind, to be accurate). It approaches Craft A's physics range and destroys Craft A before Craft A finishes timewarping in the in-game time. The server (or player, or something, depending on how the KSP2 team codes it) realizes that Craft A shouldn't have able to complete the timewarp. How will the server handle it? Will it just crash?
  3. Does this work with KSP v1.7.1? Now, if you ask me, "Why don't you try it yourself?", here's the answer: I don't want to waste 25 minutes to load the game, 5 minutes to close it, and do that repeatedly. Time is precious.
  4. When I installed it, it somehow deleted my kerbal's texture. It looks like this. What do I do? Installed Mods: Log: here it is
  5. Can CKAN run with .NET versions later than 4.5? It only tells I must use 4.5, but I don't want my programs to suddenly stop working. I have .NET version 4.8
  6. Ok... That will surely require a lot of CPU processing, cores, threads, RAM, etc. if your multiplayer server is packed full of players. That means it'll be hard to create a internet server, so if the KSP 2 developers are clever enough, they could provide that feature but you can choose between intranet and internet. That way, lots of players won't just join randomly if you choose the intranet option, but if you want to play with a friend outside of your network, you will have to choose the internet option, which has a probability that someone mistypes someone else's address and joins your
  7. I removed it and the mod that didn't work (aside from VesselMover, which is ReStock+) still didn't work.
  8. I was installing mods for KSP, editing the .version files so that it doesn't give out an error when I load it in 1.7.1 (it takes time to update) but when I launched it, some mods doesn't load. In the loading screen, it says that it is reading the mod's code. It was able to finish loading, but I couldn't use it. Log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XyinykfLwj9I3p72129QrCyZuQGPbvUD The mods I use: KER HyperEdit ReStock+ Making History (DLC) Breaking Ground (DLC) Time Control Kerbal Alarm Clock Vessel Mover Module Manager The m
  9. Have a way to turn realistic life support on or off, preferably in the Settings > Difficulty menu.
  10. I just built a symmetrical rocket. The rocket's center of mass(as you guessed it) is approximately in the center. The fuel tanks are all full. But when I launched it... Well, the rocket's center of mass moved. One of the fuel tanks(2x symmetry) is heavier and more loaded than the opposite side of the same tank. At that point I thought I didn't place the fuel lines(or pumps or whatever) symmetrically(I did use asparagus staging, by the way). I reverted to the VAB and... that's not it. I placed it symmetrically and put it in the right place. If you can duplicate the problem and fi
  11. Okay. Now I found out why I can't see the debris in Tracking Station. It was because I didn't turn on the visibility for debris. But I just don't know why the focus is changed. My theory: Somehow, the rocket became corrupted until it can't load itself, so it tries to focus to the nearest vessel. Lucky enough, that debris was the closest. Then, the game keeps the information to just load that vessel every time the rocket gets corrupted. (Note : It's just what I think going on.) Also, I forgot that it actually had the Periapsis of 28km and not 21km. At least the difference wa
  12. Yes, I think not fully corrupted. It can fly pretty well, all the parts are working. I don't know why it's partially corrupted and not fully corrupted. Also, can you please help with the SAS modes disappearing? I ever had a probe orbiting Duna, sending Science stuff to KSP using the Communutron 88 (spelling might be wrong). It ran out of electricity, so I waited until it's done transmitting. Then, I turned on SAS but the modes didn't show up. From that point on, SAS is completely pointless but it doesn't work only on that vessel. I had full electricity, communication with Kerbin, and all
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