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    if a moderator has to approve my comment before its posted (because im new) then this site is not worth chatting on. wtf
  1. i never posted a post to rush the author lol i posted to see if its still active and the author is still working on it. if no one is then i would have to bork my save and start over. anyways the best anyone can do in this situation "is not let steam finish the update" and stop it then play it as is waiting for mod updates. yes there is way to play a game on steam with a "update required" thing but i forgot how. thats what google is for. again thanks everyone for this awesome free mod
  2. i am and thanks. are there any bigger ideas this mod will be taking? any way to like enter a blackhole and go to another system? just in case this has been asked. i have been out of KSP modding loop for a long time. thanks everyone and "thank you" to all and everyone who is involved in making this mod.
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