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  1. This one is much older has early mentions from YouTube. When videos were recorded I'm really low quality, they were said to be recorded with a potato. I personally believe the origin is even earlier than that, cause I know we've been making fun of people's out of date computers since the dawn of gaming, so it seems unlikely that it first originated in the 2000s.
  2. I'll agree only with Eve. On other planetary bodies their atmosphere effectively ends so low as to render the effect you are talking about to be largely irrelevant. All you have to do is throttle back some.
  3. However, due to the flight path taken by a rocket, drag quickly ceases to be an issue.
  4. You're playing with heat modifier two, you need to do a powered reentry, spam heat shields, or change that back to normal.
  5. I can't tell what that is, it's too dark.
  6. Nice biased poll you got going there, implying that people who dont use life support mods are somehow playing the game incorrectly. There is no right or wrong way to play KSP. We can play it however we want. That's why they let us mod, or not mod, to our hearts content.
  7. Wolfhound is a stock engine. It's part of the Making History Expansion released by the devs. It's balance is questionable, but it's still stock.
  8. I pretend mine are the rugrats. It explains so much.
  9. I'm starting to see that. It completely blows my mind. I couldn't imagine buying a game without all its parts haha. I'm the kind in steam that just clicks to buy the bundle with all the DLC included XD.
  10. Unless they specify they don't have the full version of the game, I just assume they do. That's kinda the norm in gaming to assume expansions are owned unless specified. Maybe that's different in the KSP community?
  11. Umm wolfhound destroys poodle. Wolfhound has higher thrust, higher twr, and higher ISP. There are only a couple reasons you might choose poodle over Wolfhound. 1. The wolfhound is vertically too large for your lander design. 2. You just like the poodle. But in general, the poodle has been put out like Old Yeller. Terrier, Wolfhound, Nerva, and Ion are the vacuum engines of choice.
  12. Yeah. I dont bother with poodle anymore. I just use wolfhound or terrier depending on ship size, for landers and Nerva or Wolfhound for orbital stuff depending on how I feel about long burns.
  13. It very well could but I haven't tested it. Maybe I should air drop some Kerbals on their heads. I just know they do burn up on reentry now so you can't drop them on their heads from a direct Minmus -> Kerbin return using their EVA packs.
  14. Most likely explanation is that kerbal is not a pilot, the plane doesnt have a probe, and now that hes out of the cockpit you've lost any and all control of the aircraft. But I honestly could have sworn you could eva Kerbals and transfer kerbals even on a dead craft. He went to use the bathroom and the door auto locked behind him. Gg.
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