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  1. Sorry guys I've been hella busy with IRL, I've merged the PR and released version 5.26 which includes the changes I also managed to mess up v5.24 and set the min KSP version to 1.0.0 instead of 1.9.0 Does anyone know how to get that reverted from CKAN?
  2. My bad dude I'm just getting over the flu after going on vacation for a week, I'll get a new version up tonight sometime New build is up @ https://github.com/Flupster/KSP-X-Science/releases/download/5.23/x.Science.5.23.zip CKAN should pick it up soon Final edit: CKAN has picked it up, collect all the science for me, thanks!
  3. @linuxgurugamer do you want to do your proposed change PR also? then I can check both yours and @Dizor and release new version Not very active atm but can do it by the end of the week
  4. Hey buddy Seems I've been sloppy, I've fixed up all the loose ends you mentioned if you notice anymore please let me know also apologies for missing that!
  5. It appears I did, the bot picked up the changes and are deployed with ckan
  6. Update for 1.7.0 Not to sure on how CKAN does updates, I'll look into it later, but for now if you want [x] Science! then you can download from git for now
  7. I never got permission, when the original author comes back he can continue on and i'll retire this mod
  8. [x] Science! - A Science Report and Checklist for Kerbal Space Program [x] Science! keeps track of the science experiments you have completed and recovered to Kerbal Space Center. It also tracks science you have gathered which is held on vehicles and kerbals. No matter what game scene you are in, what you current vehicle is, [x] Science! always reports on all science held anywhere. Now with in-flight status window. No more searching around in service bays - run experiments at the click of a button. Why use [x] Science! ? In flight status window k
  9. I just update the mod at this point to the latest version, I don't really make any changes, but looking at the ScheduleExperimentUpdate function, this would add 5 seconds to every event, just extending it from 1s to 5s? // Schedules a full experiment update in 1 second. // In addition to the events we hook, this is also called bu the parent when // the system has been sleeping and wakes up. Eg when the window is made visible. public void ScheduleExperimentUpdate( bool FullRefresh = false, int AddTime = 1 ) { _nextExperimentUpdate = DateTime.Now.AddSeconds( AddTime ); if( F
  10. Hey I'm just maintaining releases until it's pushed to the main github repo located here: https://github.com/thewebbooth/KSP-X-Science I'll keep pushing out releases until it gets merged into the main repo https://github.com/Flupster/KSP-X-Science/releases Finally sorry @Gordon Dry all I'm doing is fixing any problems between KSP patches and the mod, I'm not developing or fixing any long term issues, I'm just making sure the mod works on the most recent version of KSP
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