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  1. huh, never thought of it like that xd Good point, although with my luck, the Mk1 pod would explode
  2. If i'm going at 2km/s and reentering Kerbin's atmosphere, that much Ablator is going to go quick. Am I supposed to slow my craft down to absurdly low reentry speeds?
  3. Hello, so I've uninstalled this mod because I cleaned out my GameData folder. And the crafts that come with the mod stay. So I tried to manually uninstall all Chop Shop files, restarted KSP, made a new same, and they were still there. If I could get some help with this that'd be really epic.
  4. Yeah hi, so I have this problem with the non atmosphere moons. It looks like all of them have an atmosphere, when they don't. Like the Mun for example. I'll try to land on it, and once I get lower and lower, it looks like i'm going into an atmosphere. Of course, there is none. But it's odd. I could use some help with this, thank you
  5. Gamers I need help, so every time I use GravityTurn. And it's done getting my rocket into space, I can't time warp, which then causes me to not be able to do anything but staging (I think). can't use Lights, Gear, Brakes, RCS, SAS, etc. I did find a workaround (go to the Space Centre or tracking station and just go back to the rocket. And yes I did try the Clear Input Locks thing didn't work lol
  6. The Spac

    KSP Cloud Mod

    Huh, never knew SVE had cloud shadows, thanks for the info
  7. The Spac

    KSP Cloud Mod

    Hello gamers, I am in need of help. Is there any visual enhancements mods that have clouds with a visible shadow from space? An example of what I mean is the image I have supplied, which has a visible shadow from the bottom of the cloud. Thanks, Spac
  8. The Spac

    [1.6.x] TextureReplacer 3.7 (25.1.2019)

    Uh, I could use some help So I installed TextureReplacer for 1.5.1, and my Kerbal's EVA visors aren't reflective. If this can help, I deleted the entire "TR" file inside the "Skins" folder