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  1. So, I'm planning of adding green to Duna (I got the oceans). But any "attempt" isn't working. Can I get some help?
  2. I'd like to add oceans to Duna but don't know where to A) Add them B) How to add oceans
  3. Update: I made a Duna with water color/surface map, and if I'd like to know if it's right or not. Also I've been looking into tutorials for Kopernicus, and I honestly just need some help with Kopernicus because I don't quite/really understand the tutorials I've found and watched multiple times.
  4. Thanks, I'll look into this. Watch some tutorials maybe.
  5. I'd like to make a terraformed Duna, and start with the ocean's first. But I don't know how to. Can I get some help?
  6. Hello, I looked on the MKS Lite post, and it said there's now a config option for MKS Lite in the main MKS, but I can't find it. If someone knows what I'm talking about and could help me out that would be appreciated
  7. Oh, to me it doesn't really look like it.
  8. Wouldn't be easier to have the Eve clouds to use the Venus cloudmap?
  9. So, say you go fast (1000+m/s in ksp), and it's basically reentry but not going down. Is it like that in real life? Or is it just because that's what KSP considers reentry speeds
  10. huh, never thought of it like that xd Good point, although with my luck, the Mk1 pod would explode
  11. If i'm going at 2km/s and reentering Kerbin's atmosphere, that much Ablator is going to go quick. Am I supposed to slow my craft down to absurdly low reentry speeds?
  12. Hello, so I've uninstalled this mod because I cleaned out my GameData folder. And the crafts that come with the mod stay. So I tried to manually uninstall all Chop Shop files, restarted KSP, made a new same, and they were still there. If I could get some help with this that'd be really epic.